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BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht Pauwstraat 13A 3512 TG Utrecht, Apr 2023

This week at UPS
We are relieved to inform you that, starting this week, we have permission to reopen BAK (in limited capacity) and run the public program of UPS, consisting of trainings and workshops. With over 127 individuals and collectives from Utrecht, the Netherlands, and elsewhere, we have spent a year investigating forms of collective learning that fall outside of the curriculums we are given, with a focus on publishing as an artistic practice for building community.

We have five events that might be of interest to you the coming days. Click on the links to register! If you cannot afford the enrolment fee, please select the Solidarity Ticket option. All activities begin with a collective lunch at 12h at BAK, Pauwstraat 13A, Utrecht.

Be(com)ing a Monument

Czar Kristoff

Wednesday–Friday, April 12–14

12–18 hrs

Kristoff is a publisher, photographer and artist from the Philippines who proposes a deeply personal revision of what we consider as public monuments, exploring paper and temporality as a forms of building alternative monuments that respond to personal histories.

Shapeshifting Sports Camp

Gabriel Fontana and Maria Molteni

Wednesday–Friday, April 12–14

12–18 hrs

Social designer Gabriel Fontana and artist Maria Molteni organize a series of collective exercises and alternative team sport games to promote empathy and social inclusion. Their work is an attempt to queer the social conditioning and forms of team-building that traditional sports culture imposes.

Tales of Symbologies: Here and There, Now and Then

Hussein Shikha and Sadrie Alves

Friday–Sunday, April 14–16

12–18 hrs

In this hands-on textile design workshop, artist Hussein Shikha and designer Sadrie Alves use the language of symbols in Persian carpet making to create and tell collective stories with participants.

Violencia Fantasía

Deseo Real (Pablo Marte, Lorenzo Llamas) and Carla Arcos

Saturday, April 15

11–19 hrs

A voyage through the city of Utrecht that explores the subtle ways in which violence is accommodated and hidden in the built environment, proposing collective forms of escaping and healing through a method called “butterflying.”

Re-Posing: Resistance, Respiration, and Resolution


Sunday, April 16

16–18 hrs

Artist Alfred Marasigan, artist and priest Jason Dy, SJ, curator and death companion Staci Bu Shea, and curator Renan Laru-an host a panel discussion about where the spirit could reside in relation to institutions. Death, afterlife, spirituality, care in transition, and the eternal will be topics of this conversation, which rests at BAK after a day-long private pilgrimage through spiritual spaces in Utrecht in the company of caregivers and migrant citizens.

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Registration links and all information regarding the public program

MORE INFORMATION: Registration links and all information regarding the public program
If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, do email us at We hope to see you at any of the events we have planned, and will keep you posted on the re-opening of the exhibition on 1 May 2023.

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BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht
Pauwstraat 13A
3512 TG Utrecht