#TFTNY 11 - A Week By & For: Designing Inclusive Spaces

bak basis, Pauwstraat 13A, 3512 TG Utrecht, Oct 2019

The eleventh training as part of Trainings for the Not-Yet is with De Voorkamer, and will take place from 29-31 October (Tuesday-Thursday) and on 3 november (Sunday). This training includes food, spatial, textile, and media design, as well as poetry, storytelling, music, creative activism, and more, and ends in a public get-together on Sunday.

Since its inception in 2016, De Voorkamer has grown into both a project platform and a community that brings together local people and newcomers to Utrecht. Created by and for the community as an inclusive space, De Voorkamer’s aspiration has been to overcome the divisions in society that are caused by pervasive negative attitudes toward refugees and immigrants. To create a space in which exchange takes place through the principles of equality and justice, De Voorkamer engages processes of design in its various iterations (food, spatial, textile, communication design, etc.), based on the firm belief that everybody has competencies, skills, and talents to share with others.

Which experiences can be created that spark cross-cultural interactions and openness to the other? What happens when designing spaces to be inclusive, working to make them personal, approachable, and culturally sensitive? These are the questions that Pim van der Mijl and Shay Raviv from De Voorkamer aspire to address in A Week By & For: Designing Inclusive Spaces. Working inclusively and collectively (guided by diversity and approachability), while at the same time supporting individual talents and autonomous (artistic) expression, requires a delicate balancing act; something that the protagonists of De Voorkamer see as a condition both “full of fascinating frictions” and “uniquely inspiring.” It is precisely this tension that informs the training, with the goal of interlacing the respective practices and communities of De Voorkamer and BAK, all the while seeking ongoing exchange and collaboration.

When: 29–31 October 2019 (Tuesday–Thursday) and 3 november 2019 (Sunday): Daily 14–18 hrs, followed on weekdays by dinner from 18–19 hrs in the Basic Activist Kitchen. On Sunday 16-18 hrs, followed by a public get-together from 19-22 hrs.

Participation: This is a four-day training. It is possible to join on individual days, although attending the training in its entirety is encouraged.
Language: English

Individual days: €10 normal/€7.50 student discount
Combi ticket (four days): €32 normal/€24 student discount
Tickets include a daily meal at the Basic Activist Kitchen.

Tickets (via Eventbrite)

Free places: For each training, BAK provides a few free places for those who would otherwise not be able to attend. To apply, please send a short explanation (max. 120 words) to, at least four days prior to the training. (First come, first serve).