It’s OK… Doubt-circle #7

Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Sep 2023

Gathering on 'doubt' with action group Steun de Stoners.

On 6 September, the seventh of eight public circle meetings around 'doubt' will take place. In this circle together with Ben Dragstra, working at the Salvation Army, we will discuss the role of doubt in contemporary society, existence and neighbourhood through various reflections.

This doubt meeting is organised by action group Support the Stoners and focuses on the commercialisation and surveillance/control of inner-city public spaces. In other words, the right to chill out in public space without having to sit on a terrace and spend money. Many local residents do not have a garden or balcony but would like to sit in the sun. This could be to have a beer, smoke a joint or just to be.

Support the Stoners is a collective of sympathisers and stoners who believe that the centre of Amsterdam should be a place for everyone, not just the richer tourists. The 6 September doubt circle will explore what things you can do in the centre of Amsterdam without spending money.

We combine the talk with a demo on Oudekerksplein, in front of the church. We will demonstrate by making the square a public place again. Where everyone can bring their own food and drinks, and/or their own (maybe even homegrown) weed. We will celebrate with music in the streets; come and request your records and dance in the streets! Afterwards, you can mark on a big map where you can relax well in the city centre and what are your best memories in that place.

In the church, there will then be a conversation with experts on public space including The Friendly Benches Union, a skater and a graffiti artist. If you want to say something about that yourself or know someone who can say something about it we would love to hear from you.

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