It's OK... Cirkel 4: Roots in the Oude Kerk #2

Oude Kerk, Jul 2023

It's OK... Circle 4: Roots in the Oude Kerk #2
21 juli 2023
from 17:00-19:00u

This circle, brought together by Gijs Stork and Karolina Wargin, sheds ligt on unknown relationships within and around the Oude Kerk based on the church’s many graves. In conversations with people whose ancestors rest in the Oude Kerk or who presently reside at addresses linked to these ancestors, a space is created for unexpected narratives and transhistorical connections. The circle features Flowers on the Grave by Frank Bruggeman and, on 18 July, the participatory performance ‘time out’ by Margret Wibmer. On 21 July, from 15-17u, a public meeting and discussion take place with Bonne Suits, Matteo, Hassani Brar, Sem, Koen, and others.

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