Lecture at 'The Brixton Exchange'

Brixton Market, Brixton East London, Feb 2013

The Exchange event will provide a space to reflect on our process and how this relates to other projects which work to engage with these themes, using methods including socially engaged art practices, art in the public realm, and addressing questions of urban regeneration and community ownership. The event will be a day long series of exchanges, with presenters including artists, academics, and community activists followed by open roundtable discussions.

Key questions:

How does regeneration/redevelopment affect urban areas with a migrant history/migrant communities, and how are communities responding- what sorts of projects are happening to protest/document/archive/resist/discuss?

How do memory/heritage practices offer possible strategies? How do public art practices offer possible strategies? And how could these (and other participatory) strategies contribute to current contestations over space, and political debates around ownership and belonging of/to place?

Alongside this, there will be walking tours of the area lead by local residents and market traders, and residency documentation showcasing our artistic productions. The day will begin and end in Brixton market, the focal point of the Anchor and Magnet project, with the main exchange held at Brixton East, a venue just nearby. The event is supported by The Migration Research Unit, University College London.

Presenters include:
Rebecca Beinart – Artist
Sarah Butler- Writer, Urban Words
Ben Campkin – The Bartlett and UrbanLab, University College London
Ayisha De Lanerolle – The Conversation Agency
Claire Dwyer – Migration Research Unit, University College London
Nabeel Hamdi - Emeritus Professor of Housing and Urban Development, Oxford Brookes University
Suzanne Hall – Sociologist/ Urban Ethnographer LSE
Sally Labern – The Drawing Shed
Damian James Le Bas- Filmmaker, Dramatist, Writer and Editor of the Travellers Times
Bobby Lloyd- The Drawing Shed
Sarah Mossop-
Katie Orr – Gasworks
Francesco Ponzo- Consultant, Silent University
Albert Potronyi – Artist
Eva Sajovic – Artist
Oliver Sumner – Delta Arts
Geraldine Takundwa- Lecturer, Silent University
Sarah Tuck – PhD researcher, BIAD/ Belfast Exposed
Ben Tunstall – Right to The City
Jeanne Van Heeswijk – Artist

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