Radio Paleis Maashaven #2, Harboring the Social - On Sculptures Internationally and the Messiness of Public Practice

Gemaal op Zuid, Feb 2022

Sunday, Feb 6, I am hosting a radioshow as part of ‘Radio Paleis Maashaven’ live from at the Afrikaander Wijkcooperatie in the Gemaal op Zuid, Rotterdam.
Listen on location or via Operator Radio from 18:00-21:00 to ‘Harboring the Social - On Sculptures Internationally and the Messiness of Public Practice’.
For this evening I invited some critical friends to talk on air, about art as public practice. There will be messiness, complaints, poetics and commoning of water, questioning of supremacy of economic growth, and words on the urgency of “our own spaces”. Stay tuned for:

18:00 Welcome by Jeanne van Heeswijk
18:10 In conversation with Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN
18:30 In conversation with Francesca Masoero, QANAT. With a contribution by Amine Lahrach
18:50 Soundscape by Abdellah M. Hassak (DJ Guedra Guedra)
19:20 In conversation with Cecilie Sachs Olsen
19:40 Conversation with Amal Alhaag (Metro54) & Ebissé Wakjira-Rouw (Dipsaus)
20:20 Film screening/streaming 'Grounded While Walls Fall’ (67min)
by Zein Nakhoda & Philadelphia Assembled

Radio Paleis Maashaven #2
Join us live for the radio show about art as public practice at the Gemaal op Zuid or listen in via Operator Radio evening will be English spoken)

Radio Paleis Maashaven is part of Studio Paleis Maashaven, which began as a long-term project by Sculpture International Rotterdam.