Women beyond the Verge

1:1 Projects Rome, May 2008

Women beyond the Verge
Curated by Yane Calovski

The curatorial selection entitled Women beyond the Verge includes the portfolios of Jeanne van Heeswijk (Rotterdam), Barbara Holub (Vienna), Hristina Ivanoska (Skopje), Daniela Paes Leão (Amsterdam), Despina Papadopoulos (New York) and Inga Zimprich (Berlin/Kiev). It is a selection made for the research archive initiated and developed by 1:1projects in Rome, a network of independent art producers that develops diverse and innovative projects, fostering participation, interaction and collaborative practices. In addition to being a personal selection by a guest curator for the archive, this invitation is also a way to materialize a new collaboration between the two organizations, 1:1projects and press to exit project space, and to continue the dialogue initiated during Daniele Balit's curatorial residency in Skopje in October 2007.

Yane Calovski selected six distinctly different artistic practices, but which have two important aspects in common: a) communication - by being deeply rotted in research-based tradition; and b) collaboration - by entrusting the idea of a collective approach to authorship and context-based productions.
The act of assuming something as a given, finished and explained, never enters the realm of these artists. Instead, they are looking at functional intervals or gaps that have dented the relationship between institutional and urban space (Holub), the space of community action and local politics (van Heeswijk), the space of identification of technological performance (Papadopoulos), the space where factual and fictional stories collide (Paes Leão), the space of reading history through the prism of contemporary civil actions (Ivanoska), and, last but not least, the space of negotiation between systems of knowledge and its distribution (Zimprich).
All the artists challenge existing norms, ask questions, and define their positions along the way. They do not ask permission but, rather, pursue their ideas and seek to include in the dialogue the peripheral and marginalized. There is an attitude they all share that is disturbingly infectious, attracting you so that you believe them and you want to know what they know. By considering these six individual positions, we have the opportunity to reflect on our own work within the context of the larger artistic and social dimensions in which we partake, hopefully not as passive by-standers, but as active and critical voices.

1:1 Projects
Piazza Scipione Ammirato 1c

Exhibition period: 15-05-2008 to 16-06-2008