Public Faculty #9: Conversations About Connection

, May 2015

Open A.I.R. Artist Services Program
May 14– 17 2015
Do you feel connected? What makes you feel connected? What makes you feel disconnected? Who or what do you wish you could connect with? How would you go about doing that?

Over the past 4 months a group of over 20 artists, educators, and organizers have met at a monthly workshop led by artist Jeanne Van Heeswijk to discuss what it means to truly connect in a place as diverse as Queens. Now we take these conversations to the street. For 4 days we will have public conversations and reflections, delving deep into questions of connection. We invite you to join the conversation and build connections in Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Corona and Junction Blvd.

Collaborators: Sami Abu Shumays, Wendy Angulo, Sol Aramendi, Josselyn Atahualpa, Bridget Bartolini, Maria Belford, Maria Canela, Hector Canonge, Solana Chehtman, Onyedika Chuke, Liliana Conde, Audrey Dimola, Ro Garrido, Beatriz Gil, Dominique Hernandez, Sukjong Hong, Francisco Karmelic, Silvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz, Carlos Martinez, Renzo Ortega, Prerana Reddy, Patrick Rowe, Priscilla Stadler and Katherine Toukhy

Thursday 5/14 : 4-8 PM
ELMHURST Locations:

– Park Corner of Broadway and 45th Ave
– Under the Railroad on Broadway and Whitney Ave
– Corner of Whitney Ave and 88th St

Friday 5/15 : 5-9 PM

– Post Office Corner of 37th Ave and 78th St
– Post Office Corner of 37th Ave and 79th St
– In front of the School on 37th Ave between 77th St and 78th St

Saturday 5/16 : 2-6 PM
CORONA Locations:

– Spaghetti Plaza Bocce Court by Corona Ave and 51st Ave
– Spaghetti Plaza Chess Tables by Corona Ave and 51st Ave
– Triangle in front of the Laundromat Corona Ave and 108 st

Sunday 5/17 : 2-6 PM
JUNCTION Locations:

– Triangle near 37th Ave and 94th st
– Junction Blvd and 37th Ave near the Food Bazaar
– Junction Blvd between 37th Ave and 38th Ave near the Train

About Open A.I.R. Artist Services Program
The expanded Queens Museum features a new, expanded slate of artist services, including a brand new Studio Program, with professional development features and a networking Lecture Series that draws on human resources at the Queens Museum. Open A.I.R. programs will offer professional development topics targeted specifically to all interested emerging artists.
Open A.I.R. is made possible by a generous grant from The Scherman Foundation’s Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund. Additional support provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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