Exhibition 'Room with a View' at Axel Lapp Projects

Invalidenstrasse 161 Berlin, Jan 2007

The works in this concentrated show reconsider and revisit previous works by these artists, and contextualise them again. They thus document the continuous modification of perception and self-perception, that is a central part of artistic practice. Starting point was Nikola Irmer's painting o.T. (Tapete), 2006, in which she documents the use of images of her paintings as decoration, and in which she refers to historic depictions of art collections. Nick Crowe's animation Pompei,

2007, depicts a tour of his virtual ego through some of his previous net pieces and in Room with a View (Real Stories form Life), 1997, by Jeanne van Heeswijk, the actress Joke Tjalsma describes in a multi-layered monologue the history of the piece, its preceding manifestations and the various perspectives of their perception. Sonia Boyce recreates the performance piece Mmh, 1997, for this exhibition, and the book
antworten.de2006, is a documentation and variation of Holger Frieses internet piece

The exhibition will be on show from the 26th of January until 24th of February 2007.

Axel Lap Projects
Invalidenstrasse 161

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Room with a view