Visiting Scholar at Hunter College NY

City University of New York, Nov 2006

The Tiltfactor Laboratory, Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College (The City University of New York), has invited Jeanne van Heeswijk to become a Visiting Scholar for the 2006-2007 Academic Year. During this year Van Heeswijk will be working on an urban-based project together with professor and media activist Marty Lucas as well as engaging with students and faculty in their program.

The Tiltfactor Lab Hunter focuses on making computer games for social change. Their mission is to research and develop software and art that creates rewarding, compelling, and socially-responsible interactions, with a focus on inventive game design for social change. The department offers a game design course (Concepts in Gaming) as well as a new media studies course, encouraging students to try new kinds of games that can make a difference. Tiltfactor is closely aligned with the 'serious games' initiative and social impact gaming groups.]]