'FYW' nominated for Citizen Participation Prize

Amsterdam, Nov 2006

Face Your World is one of the three final nominees for the Citizen Participation Price that is hand out by the ministry of VROM, an organisation operating directly under the leadership of the Minister and the State Secretary (the name VROM is the abbreviation of the Dutch name for housing, land-use planning and environmental management). The prize is meant for cities that stand out in the way they involve citizens in urban planning processes.

As part of the Face Your World project by Jeanne van Heeswijk and Dennis Kaspori inhabitants of the Amsterdam Staalmanplein area designed a new neighbourhood park in the UrbanLab Slotervaart. In this fully equipped design studio local youngsters developed the design for the park together with external specialists, but based on their own ideas and the research that they did in their neighbourhood. The city government agreed to build the park completely as they designed it and it is now nominated for the Citizen Participation Price, which will be handout at the 30th of November 2006.

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