Project presentation 'Care-taker'

Sumatrastraat 66, Amsterdam, Nov 2006

Opening: Friday November 3, 19.00

Location: Sumatrastraat 66, Amsterdam
Duration: November 3 - December 16

The Transfomerhouses exhibition addresses the current city renewal underway in Amsterdam's 'Indische Buurt' and the gentrification and transformation it is causing. It does so by presenting research side-by-side with 'reactions' by six leading artists and architects, photographs documenting the neighbourhood, several events, a public debate and the actual city-renewal plans.

In this exhibition Kaspori and Van Heeswijk present their latest project named 'Care-taker, a short history of collective housing in six chapters'. In five chapters five special locations, moments and persons that are memorable for this area will be put on the historical map. In the sixth chapter, Kaspori en Van Heeswijk will add 'The care-taker', a concierge: who will become part of the community by living in one of the housing blocks and for three months. He will be available to assist the inhabitants with their questions and problems in and around their houses. During that time he will also become the eyes and ears of the neighbourhood. His goal is to help them realise their wishes and ambitions and to translate these to a concrete collective programme that inhabitants can use in the development of their own living community. This project is developed in cooperation with Annet van Otterloo and Jeroen Hiemstra.

'Transformerhouses' is a project initiated by 66 East, designed to stimulate the public debate regarding urban renewal at the moment when the neighbourhood is visibly changing as a result of the current urban regeneration underway in the Indische Buurt. The project aims to stress social issue involved in the transformations generated by the urban renewal. Other participating artists and architects are Matthijs de Bruijne, de Architekten Cie., Bik Van der Pol, Wim Cuyvers and 12PM-Architecture.

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