'Ariadne' moves to Sint-Oedenrode

Sint-Oedenrode, Apr 2008

Ariadne moves to Sint-Oedenrode

As from April 24 2008 Ariadne is the new girl next door. She moved into the village of Sint-Oedenrode to collect stories and people around her in order to find her way in her new living environment. She listens to the stories of other inhabitants, writes them down and brings older people together. People with a collective history or similar interests can find each other through her website Every Wednesday inhabitants of the village can also meet Ariadne in person in Care Centre Odendael.

With Ariadne is a project by Jeanne van Heeswijk, Dennis Kaspori and housing corporation Wovesto. For more information and to meet Ariadne you can visit her website:

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