A Call for New Organizational and Collective Forms After COVID19, May 2020

Join us today (Europe: 20:00 / 2:00pm EST) for our Urban Front launch event and live webinar with
David Harvey, colleague and member of #urbanfront

Urban Front is a transnational consultancy focused on helping progressive public and social sectors achieve their goals as they address the critical urban problems of the 21st century.

Worldwide, Urban Front works to make cities more equitable by connecting grassroots knowledge and infrastructures to our own committed areas of expertise, by being a bridge between progressive governments and organizations in charge of implementing public measures.

Members of Urban Front have decades of experience addressing critical issues including housing rights, environmental justice, public health, cultural action, urban planning, and political strategy. They are internationally renowned practitioners and have held high-level positions in public office or progressive public funded organizations. Our strength lies in our ability to bring together this expertise to create a unique transnational and transdisciplinary group that offers new highly localized knowledge to the many public and private organizations that work for socio-spatial and environmental justice.