Premiere 'It runs in the Neighbourhood'

Stavanger, May 2008

In 2008 the Stavanger region is European Capital of Culture. Stavanger2008 is Norway's largest culture event - with more than a thousand things to experience on the programme. Neighbourhood Secrets is a forum for encounters between international artists and the local community within, and in association with, most important buildings and sites in the region. The inhabitants of the Stavanger region comprise more than 100 different nationalities, and it is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan in Norway.

As part of the Neighbourhood Secrets programme Jeanne van Heeswijk developed the project It runs in the Neighbourhood that takes place in Stavanger University Hospital. With over 5.500 employees and almost 50.000 patients a year, the hospital can be seen as a community on it self. A community with it's own communication structure and media. It runs in the Neighborhood is a six episode hospital soap based on real life situations. It is developed by Van Heeswijk and almost entirely made with the staff and patients of the Stavanger University Hospital. The programmes will be shown both on public screens and hospital television as on the internet.

The first episode can be seen on:

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It runs in the Neighbourhood