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Raising a Ruckus

Kunstlerhaus Am Deich, Bremen, 2000
event 'recording musicians
CD- cover
Duration: 11.2000
Location: Kunstlerhaus Am Deich, Bremen
Participants: 51
Visitors: people visiting the exhibition
Number of Events: 1

The idea of this project was derived from the fairy tale 'The Musicians of Bremen'. The old, redundant animals defined themselves as musicians, as artists, thus together finding new energy, a new purpose in life. Their state of mind, that of being artists, enables them to unite, scare away their old masters and create a life of their own. The artistic act, a kind of performance, became the catalyst for a utopian form of life, a place to be functionless. For this project, a wide range of music made in Bremen was collected from semi-professional and professional musicians, as well as the music of choirs and bands that make music just for fun. All of these musicians were asked to submit tapes and CDs to the Kunstlerhaus, Am Deich 68/69 on 10 November 2000. The productions were then simultaneously played via ghetto blasters as in a great conversation. Long, melodious passages, now delicate, now adamant, Arabic song, nursery rhymes and beats blended in poetic superimpositions, which were then further processed in a professional sound studio to become a noise sculpture, reproducing, in a complex layering of tones, the sound actually sung, played and produced in Bremen in November 2000.

This music of Bremen formed the sound tapestry of the installation in the gallery beginning on 26 November. On the door of the gallery a sign read, 'Attention! Door can only be opened from the outside!' When a visitor entered, the door locked behind him and a frightening noise was produced by four loudspeakers placed on top of one another. To escape the sound bombardment you had to run along the installation to the other door in the back. This door put you back outside, in another part of the block. Krachschlagen (Raising a Ruckus) (2000) was an act of common strength, 'resounding' the city in a sculpture of music in which art reclaimed its space, beyond functionality. The accompanying CD archived samples from the different musicians as well as the collective 'krachschlagen'.
participants:A.M.B. StyleContributing one's own artwork
BIQContributing one's own artwork
Bremer Musical CompanyContributing one's own artwork
Bremer SaxenContributing one's own artwork
CasinoContributing one's own artwork
CHW-TrioContributing one's own artwork
ConfusaoContributing one's own artwork
DC-Gokhan & Hikmet UmulContributing one's own artwork
DJ MemoContributing one's own artwork
DJ Mystic & SadikContributing one's own artwork
Django Swing QuartettContributing one's own artwork
Dorothee RichterCreating space , Advice concerning content
Dror Feiler und X-pol-batterieContributing one's own artwork
Eckhard & Dietmar KirsteinContributing one's own artwork
Elke PetzelProduction
Ensemble SondarcContributing one's own artwork
Five SecretsContributing one's own artwork
Gotische RippenContributing one's own artwork
Gustav GisigerCommunication
Hans-Joachim WolfContributing one's own artwork
HCL EnsembleContributing one's own artwork
hirn bein renntContributing one's own artwork
HuskisContributing one's own artwork
Jochen MadingProduction
KaszankaContributing one's own artwork
KAUZContributing one's own artwork
KhupeContributing one's own artwork
Kunstlerhaus BremenCreating space , Financial support
LumpiContributing one's own artwork
Michael SievertContributing one's own artwork
Mondriaan StichtingFinancial support
Muhammed PaulSound editing , Technical realisation
New Town musicDistribution
Nikola BlaskovicTechnical realisation
Norbert EllrichContributing one's own artwork
Peter DahmContributing one's own artwork
Reinhard SchimmelpfengContributing one's own artwork
Reinhart HammerschmodtCommunication
Sie Will ArgerContributing one's own artwork
Siegried ErnstContributing one's own artwork
SIEMBRAContributing one's own artwork
SlapScatContributing one's own artwork
Starfish MusicProduction
Stephanie HoppeCommunication
Swim-Two-BirdsContributing one's own artwork
Swinging PoolContributing one's own artwork
Thee WatzlovesContributing one's own artwork
Tim SprengerCommunication
Vivace MusikschuleContributing one's own artwork
Volquartz Gerold Wilmanns KaufmannContributing one's own artwork
Walraut SteimkeProduction
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