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An Sich

Botersloot 40, Rotterdam, 2000
Duration: 01.5.2000 - 31.05.2000
Location: Museum Van Nagsael, Rotterdam
Participants: n.a.
Visitors: 25
Number of Events: 4

Rolf Engelen, the director of Museum Van Nagsael during uneven months, invited Van Heeswijk to make an exhibition. Museum Van Nagsael was founded in November 1995 and is located in a shop window at Botersloot in Rotterdam. It claims to be the smallest museum in the Netherlands and was conceived as a project for public space by Engelen and Silvia B., who also run it on a rotating basis. When Van Heeswijk was invited to exhibit there, Museum van Nagsael had run for a few years already and had presented a wide range of work by contemporary artists, most specially made for the museum. So far, however, there had been little emphasis on the museum itself as an intervention in public space. Van Heeswijk proposed exhibiting the museum itself. Every Friday for a month she stood outside the museum to give a guided tour. An Sich (In it Self)(2000) showed not only the museum's unique interior features but also told about the way the museum came into being, the exhibitions that took place there, anecdotes from the directors about the life of the museum, as well as how the museum saw it self as an intervention in public space and how it was perceived by the public.
participants:Rolf EngelenCreating space
Silvia BCreating space
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