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Hotel New York P.S.1

PS1 New York, 1998
room designed by Dorine de Vos
sculpture 'Ed and Ellis in Tokyo' by Edwin Janssen and Tracy Mckenna
talk 'Casco Office for Art, Design and Theory' by Lisette Smits
sculpture by Lauren Schijvens
performance by Madeline Berkhemer
installation by Florian Wust
performance by Miriam Reders
flyer Hotel Hotel New York P.S.1
Flyer Hotel New York P.S.1
photo 'Ironing' by Rolf Engelen
Duration: 1998 - 1999
Location: P.S.1 Studio New York
Participants: 72
Visitors: people visiting P.S.1 on Sundays
Number of Events: 15
Additional presentations: Alice Smits continued Hotel New York P.S.1 for one year

From 1998 to 1999 Van Heeswijk was invited to represent the Netherlands in the International Studio Program in the P.S.1 Center for Contemporary Art in New York. As she always works together with others and her work often takes place outside art institutions, she needed a hotel room to receive guests more than a studio. Inspired by the many travels and extensive emigration from the Netherlands to America in years gone by, she asked artist and designer Dorine de Vos to convert her studio into a hotel room, in the style of the rooms De Vos created for Hotel New York, a hotel restaurant housed in the former headquarters of the legendary Holland-America Line in Rotterdam. In creating this space, the room became an asset to Van Heeswijk's collaborative network and she developed a cultural Holland-America Line.

Over a period of a year, Dutch artists, writers, curators and critics she had previously worked with were invited to stay in the room for a minimum of three days and a maximum of three weeks. Her guests could use their stay to create new work, to explore New York, make contacts, etc. A crucial element of their stay was to examine contemporary issues of migration. In exchange for the stay in the hotel room, the guest would organise lectures, presentations, or an exhibition. A modest idea, but one that had a major impact on the institution's framework. As a result P.S.1 deeply resented the project at the outset. Under the contract P.S.1 required all participants to sign, artists in the studio programme had 24-hour access to the studio wing but were not allowed to sleep there or to share the space with anyone else. The exception to this rule applied to participants collaborating with other artists, who could then apply for an extra key to the building. With her working methods Van Heeswijk easily proved a long record of acknowledged collaborations and submitted an extensive list of visitors. She also registered Hotel New York as an art object, a continuous installation. This frame finally provided the necessary identity for both the city of New York and P.S.1 to designate a space between the private and the public - a space were people stayed and met to discuss and to share a journey. Van Heeswijk used the grant she received to stay in P.S.1 to expand her cultural network and to present New York with a broader overview of Dutch creative work and thought.
participants:Alice SmitsDevelopment of the artwork , Contributing one's own artwork
Amy PlantText editing
Anke SchäferContributing one's own artwork
Annabel HowlandContributing one's own artwork
Antoinette te PaskeContributing one's own artwork
Barbara ClausenTranslation, Emotional support
Barend KoolhaasFinancial support, Production
BiboContributing one's own artwork
Brenda WilgersonTranslation
Carlos BasualdoInspiration/knowledge sharing
CascoFinancial support
Claudia RuitenbergTranslation
Clegg & GuttmannContributing one's own artwork
Corry de BoerContributing one's own artwork
Danny KreeftGraphic design
De MaasstadTechnical realisation
Dette GlashouwerContributing one's own artwork
Edwin Janssen / Tracy MackennaContributing one's own artwork
Eveline VisserContributing one's own artwork
Florian WüstContributing one's own artwork
Fonds BKVBFinancial support
Frank LigtvoetEmotional support, Financial support
Hans-Peter ThomasContributing one's own artwork , Production, Reporting in sound
Hervé ParaponarisTechnical advice
Hieke CompierContributing one's own artwork
Hotel New YorkFinancial support
  :. Daan van de HaveFinancial support
  :. Dorine de VosDevelopment of the artwork , Spatial design
  :. Hans LoosFinancial support
  :. Jet SpanjersbergProduction
  :. Joan de VosProduction
  :. Marisya KwindaczProduction
Jennifer SieglerText editing
Joke TjalsmaContributing one's own artwork
Kirk WoolfordContributing one's own artwork , Technical realisation
Lauran SchijvensContributing one's own artwork
Lex ter BraakAdvice concerning content, Contributing one's own artwork
Liesbeth LevyContributing one's own artwork , Reporting in language
Lisette SmitsContributing one's own artwork
Lucas VerweijContributing one's own artwork
Lydia SchoutenContributing one's own artwork
Maaike JongsmaEmotional support, Production
Maartje BerendsenTranslation
Madeleine BerkhemerContributing one's own artwork
Marc GijzenTechnical realisation
Maria van DaalenContributing one's own artwork , Written or oral text contribution
Mark Lammerts-van BuerenProduction
Martin LucasReporting in image
Mirjam ReedersContributing one's own artwork
Mirjam WestenContributing one's own artwork , Reporting in language
Nathalie HoutermansContributing one's own artwork
P.S.1 Contemporary Art CenterCreating space , Financial support
  :. Alana HeissCreating space
  :. Larrisa HarrisAdvice concerning content, Creating space , Production
  :. SixtoTechnical advice
  :. Tom FinkelpearlAdvice concerning content
  :. Tony GuerroAdvice concerning content, Creating space
Q.S. SerafijnReporting in language
René PingenAdvice concerning content
Rike FrankReporting in language
Robert KloosEmotional support, Financial support
Robert SimonText editing
Roger TeeuwenGraphic design
Rolf EngelenContributing one's own artwork
Sandra SmallenburgContributing one's own artwork , Reporting in language
Servien MailerFinancial support, Production
Susan KozelContributing one's own artwork , Reporting in language
Tracy MackennaContributing one's own artwork
TripityTechnical realisation
Wapke FeenstraContributing one's own artwork
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