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Room with a view (The Neighbour)

Maritime museum Prins Hendrik Rotterdam, 1993
The 'Room' in 1994. Jeanne van Heeswijk's neighbour was an older man named Plu. He was a seaman for forty years until he was in an accident with a minesweeper. During his travels as a seaman, he put together a maritime archive of almost unprecedented size. In over a hundred categories, and on more than a hundred thousand cards, information and photos has been archived of motorised ships that sailed the oceans. His biggest wish was for his life work to be exhibited in the Maritime museum Prins Hendrik in Rotterdam. The 'Room' was the 'art' context needed to fulfil Plu's wish. The walls were filled with hand-written cards with the data of all the Dutch ships that no longer sail. A monitor was placed in the 'Room' on which Plu was shown telling his stories.
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