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Brain Storm

Europe, 1999
photo ' Brain Storm'
wedding certificat
action 'Wedding vows'
Duration: 1999 - ongoing
Location: private sphere, Europe
Participants: witness Lisette Smits
Visitors: n.a.
Number of Events: 1
Additional Presentations: Wedding announcement placed in Metropolis M, no.3

After they had participated in each other's works for some years, during a discussion on the nature and meaning of these collaborations, the level of engagement as well as its sustainability, Hervé Paraponaris proposed marriage to Jeanne van Heeswijk. This proposal took in concern the political landscape of Europe at the time, with its issues of migration as well as the ongoing negotiation around a united Europe. They thought that dealing with these issues would not only need extensive collaboration and rethinking of cultural practices but also a different notion of family. This is why they emphasized using a traditional social institution. On 10 June 1999, after almost a year of talking and thinking about it, Paraponaris and Van Heeswijk got married in New York City, with curator Lisette Smits from Casco Projects as witness. The questions about the true nature of involvement in each other's practices as well as the possibility or impossibility of developing a joint practice, living and working in different parts of Europe, continued to be a struggle over the years. Project developed under Brain Storm include: Subway Outside, A Christmas Pudding for Henry, Freehouse, Face Your World, The Blue House and Rain of Mercy.
participants:Hervé ParaponarisDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork
  :. Lisette SmitsAdvice concerning content, Emotional support
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