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It runs in the Neighbourhood

Stavanger University Hospital, Stavanger, 2008
project news:
Article in DAMn #58Premiere 'It runs in the Neighbourhood'
still from video shoot
still form audition
still form video shoot
installation detail, map of video shoots
Duration: 01.05.2008 - 17.10.2008
Location: Stavanger University Hospital, Stavanger
Participants: Employees of the hospital
Visitors: Employees and patients of the hospital.
Number of Events: 6

Neighbourhood Secrets was an international art project in the public space as part of Stavaner 2008 Capital of Culture. Eight strong international artists from four corners of the world have been in close contact with eight places in Stavanger and Sandnes over a period of one and a half year. These sites have been selected by the local population, to represent the most important places in the Capital of Culture.

Jeanne van Heeswijk was one of the artist that participated in the project. In cooperation with the Stavanger University Hospital (SUS) she developed the first hospital TV-soap in Norway. With over 5.500 employees and almost 50.000 patients a year, the hospital can be seen as a community on it self. A community with it's own communication structure and media. It runs in the Neighborhood is a six episode hospital soap based on real life situations. The purpose was to give the public an insight in the life inside the hospital and the medical and ethic dilemmas that the hospital employees encounter.

The six episodes where shown on the internet, on public screens and on television. At the same time, the Stavanger University Hospital (SUS) communicated directly with the public via a new interactive website on the issues raised by the series. The crew consists of the artist Jeanne van Heeswijk and numerous volunteers from SUS, writing the manuscript, doing camera work, lighting, sound and other technical work, make-up, script, directing and all the other tasks involved in a fully fledged TV production. Gabrielsen LundeParticipation in realising artwork
Anne C. OstboCreating space
Anne-Siri VikParticipation in realising artwork
Arild Ostin OmmundsenParticipation in realising artwork
Arnfin ArnesenParticipation in realising artwork
Atle HagenParticipation in realising artwork
Bjarne MagnussenCreating space
Bjorn Sigve StoresundParticipation in realising artwork
Catherine AndresenText editing , Communication
Cesare DavolioWebsite development
Christine Marie MaelandParticipation in realising artwork
Dagfinn TorpParticipation in realising artwork
Elisabeth SchancheCommunication
Finn FredriksenCreating space
Fredrik FeylingParticipation in realising artwork
Glen Bruun HendriksenReporting in sound
Gunde SolaParticipation in realising artwork
Gunhild BirkelandParticipation in realising artwork
Gunvor UrdalParticipation in realising artwork
Hege Vardal NordgardParticipation in realising artwork
Helge LorenzenParticipation in realising artwork
Helge ThorbjornsenParticipation in realising artwork
Henrik OdegaaParticipation in realising artwork
Ingve SandvoldReporting in sound, Written or oral text contribution
Jonny EinarsenParticipation in realising artwork
Kare HogstadParticipation in realising artwork
Kare KrumsvikParticipation in realising artwork
Kare OlsenParticipation in realising artwork
Karen JonassenParticipation in realising artwork
Kenneth StandvagParticipation in realising artwork
Kjetil Bore HopTechnical realisation
Kristin Maeland FeylingParticipation in realising artwork
Lars RasdalWritten or oral text contribution
Leif KlengsenParticipation in realising artwork
Leif KristiansenParticipation in realising artwork
Leif Lie-BjellandParticipation in realising artwork
Leif MoenParticipation in realising artwork
Livia Maeland FeylingParticipation in realising artwork
Mari AskeroiProduction
May Hegdal SletteboParticipation in realising artwork
Morten EiaCreating space
Morten RuudAdvice concerning content
Oddi MidhaugParticipation in realising artwork
Ola NesvikParticipation in realising artwork
Ove NordstokkeProduction
Oystein HelgevoldParticipation in realising artwork
Oyvind WatlandParticipation in realising artwork , Technical realisation, Reporting in sound
Per Egil MollerParticipation in realising artwork
Per JohannessenParticipation in realising artwork
Rita HansenParticipation in realising artwork
Roger TeeuwenGraphic design
Stale HendriksenParticipation in realising artwork
Stavanger 2008Creating space , Financial support
Stavanger University HospitalCreating space , Participation in realising artwork , Advice concerning content
Svein G. LundeReporting in image, Website development, Reporting in sound
Terje SandeParticipation in realising artwork
Thamprasert PlaipetchParticipation in realising artwork
Thor ThorsenParticipation in realising artwork
Tommy LohreParticipation in realising artwork
Torgeir GundersenReporting in sound, Sound editing , Written or oral text contribution
Trygve HestnesParticipation in realising artwork
Vibeke HopReporting in image, Website development
Vilde Maeland FeylingParticipation in realising artwork
Wanya DrageParticipation in realising artwork
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