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State of Mind

Villa Alckmaer Rotterdam, 1996
Duration: 07.01.1996 - 04.02.1996
Location: Villa Alckmaer (Rotterdam Centre for Visual Arts),Rotterdam
Participants: 46
Visitors: 400
Number of Events: 12

State of Mind (1996) consisted of four weeks and four weekends during which friendship and artists' work came together in the exhibition space of the Villa Alckmaer centre for visual arts in Rotterdam. Van Heeswijk examined and exposed her way of thinking and working over the preceding several years by showing hospitality to all the people that were important to her - people she worked with, whose visual work or writings had been considerably eye-opening for her, or those who had challenged her in discussions and sometimes heated debates. This villa - with its special atmosphere and its location in the city - ought to be a place to live in rather than a place to make exhibitions. The rooms called for life, for people to talk and exchange thoughts. Moreover, she thought it was a pity that the visual arts centre often only concentrated on exhibiting objects and not on the working and thinking processes in visual art. To her, artists are not islands, and their images are seldom products of an isolated imagination. Works often originate in conversations, quarrels, in response to criticism and fascinations, chance meetings and collaboration. Many of her own works and projects come into being within the context of these kinds of influences.

To house State of Mind, Van Heeswijk restored the house's original functions -- obliterated by the visual arts centre, turning the house into a white cube - and divided it into three parts: private, public and semi-public. She moved all her belongings into the villa to live there for the duration of the exhibition, replacing the normal gallery furniture, office stuff and so on. This also meant closing the exhibition space to the public on weekdays, as well as the second floor, which became her sleeping and working space. In the basement, near the villa's entrance, the kitchen was reinstalled; next to it a dinner-room was created, which also functioned as a documentation/information room, allowing the public to sit down, have a cup of tea and look through additional documentation, videotapes and music CDs by the project's participants. On the first floor of the villa a nineteenth-century-styled salon was reserved for discussions, concerts, performances, and so on. On weekends the villa was open to the public, and the friendships and alliances among the guests and their work were exhibited through presentations, lectures and dinners.
participants:Anke van der PluijmContributing one's own artwork
Bart GorterContributing one's own artwork
Bob GoedewaagenReporting in image
CBK RotterdamFinancial support
Christine & Irene HohenbüchlerContributing one's own artwork
Hervé ParaponarisContributing one's own artwork
Honoré d'OContributing one's own artwork
Hulya YilmazContributing one's own artwork
Ineke SchwartzReporting in language
Jan van der PavertContributing one's own artwork
Jean FisherContributing one's own artwork
Joke RobaardContributing one's own artwork
Jouke KleerebezemContributing one's own artwork
Justin BennetContributing one's own artwork
Karin ArinkContributing one's own artwork
Karin SlootsContributing one's own artwork
Linda PollackContributing one's own artwork
Maja ZomerContributing one's own artwork
Marcel WandersContributing one's own artwork
Marian BreedveldContributing one's own artwork
Mark PimlottContributing one's own artwork
Mevis & van DeursenContributing one's own artwork
Milou van HamContributing one's own artwork
Moritz EbingerContributing one's own artwork
Nelly VoorhuisContributing one's own artwork
Noëlle CuppensProduction
Ove LucasCreating space
Paul CoxContributing one's own artwork
Paul HedgeContributing one's own artwork
Peter FillinghamContributing one's own artwork
Regula MüllerContributing one's own artwork
Roy VillevoyeContributing one's own artwork
Shirley AzimullahContributing one's own artwork
Susan KozelContributing one's own artwork
Tacita DeanContributing one's own artwork
Ute Meta BauerContributing one's own artwork
Wapke FeenstraContributing one's own artwork
Wessel HollemanDevelopment of the artwork , Contributing one's own artwork , Technical realisation
Willem OorebeekContributing one's own artwork
Wim SalkiContributing one's own artwork
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