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Until we meet again

Vlaardingen, 1995
event 'Tuesday Poem Day' by Engelen & Engelen,
Portrait Poem by Engelen & Engelen
event 'Meeting Routes' by Kamiel Verschuren
drawing Meeting Routes' by Kamiel Verschuren
sculpture 'Meeting Routes' by Kamiel Verschuren
'Desire paths' by Crimson
event 'Dalia Race Show' by Jan Hein Melis
invitation 'Dalia Race Show'
Duration: 1995 - 2007
Location: Westwijk, Vlaardingen
Participants: 14 (De Strip not counted)
Visitors: People living and working in the Westwijk
Number of Events: 18 (De Strip not counted)

In 1995 Jeanne van Heeswijk was commissioned to develop a project that centred on the redevelopment of the borough of Westwijk in the city of Vlaardingen. Instead of creating a plan for placing public sculptures, as she was asked to do, she proposed accompanying the whole process of transformation over its ten-year period, and engaging with the process of change in Westwijk. She chose to invite several artists to organise 'meetings' in active co-operation with the borough's residents. The main question was how the local residents would be involved in what appeared to be the total transformation of the social fabric of their area. Were the planned changes, such as increasing housing in the now green areas, or doing away with community facilities and small shopping strips in Westwijk in favour of one central mall with facilities attached, really beneficial to the social climate? Would they positively affect existing social networks, as the plans proclaimed?

Under the title Until we meet again. Op weg naar Westwijk 2005. (1995), van Heeswijk began a series of projects, each of which was intended to involve residents in discussing and shaping the changes that were going to take place during the redevelopment period. To enable this, she effectively became a 're-granting' authority, re-distributing her artistic commission to the other artists, architects and members of the community, who were given (sub-) commissions to investigate, support, question and stimulate the process of change in Westwijk. Their projects were formulated to create opportunities for real encounters by means of temporary sculptures, social projects, installations and happenings. These projects were to be made in active cooperation with the local residents so that they could contribute to the initiation of new connections and directions necessary for forming new social structures and networks in Westwijk. They had the overarching concept of creating spaces where people could really meet each other, while at the same time creating a breathing space for culture. Projects in Until we meet again. Op weg naar Westwijk 2005. include Dalia Race Show by Jan Hein Melis, Dinsdaggedichtdag ('Tuesday Poem Day') by Engelen&Engelen, Ontmoetingsroutes ('Meeting Routes') by Kamiel van Schuuren, Desirepaths by Crimson, the 1998 campaign Stemmen in het donker ('Voices in the Dark') by Lauran Schijvens, De Strip by Jeanne van Heeswijk, and still to come The Kiosk by Bik van der Pol, as well as the Beeldentuin ('Sculpture Garden') initiated by Edwin Janssen and developed by Mauer United Architects and Roger Teeuwen, Lauran Schijvens and François Xavier Guillon.
related project:
De Stripparticipants:Bik Van der PolContributing one's own artwork
Buro Schie 2.0Contributing one's own artwork
CrimsonContributing one's own artwork
Edwin Janssen / Tracy MackennaContributing one's own artwork
Engelen & EngelenContributing one's own artwork
Eric van StraatenContributing one's own artwork
Esther DiddenAdvice concerning content, Production
Francois Xavier GuillonDevelopment of the artwork
Gemeente VlaardingenFinancial support
Herman van WamelenProduction
Ineke HagenContributing one's own artwork
Jan Hein van MelisContributing one's own artwork
Jeroen MuschReporting in image
Kamiel VerschurenContributing one's own artwork
Lauran SchijvensContributing one's own artwork , Development of the artwork , Participation in realising artwork
Rob MaanContributing one's own artwork
Werkgroep Westwijk 2005Participation in realising artwork
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