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From the Sidelines

Gorinchem, 2003
happening '3-sided Football'
happening 'Break-Hip Scotch'
happening 'BMX-Bukazhi'
happening 'Draw a Line'
still from movie '
Location: Playing field 'De Toekomst' ('The Future'), Gorichem
Participants: 190
Visitors: 2,000
Number of events: 21
Additional Presentations: Dutch Pavilion, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice (17.06.2003 - 24.09.2003); Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam (03.2004 - 05.2004)

The cultural project Langs de Lijn van de Toekomst (The Future from the Sidelines) took place in the Dutch town of Gorinchem between February and June 2003 as part of the art project 'Kleurrijke Wijken 2002 - 2004' ('Colourful Neighbourhoods'). With The Future from the Sidelines, Van Heeswijk made an inventory of live-and-kicking notions of competition, rules of play, codes of honour, professionalism and - lastly - competence within different (sub-) cultures in the multicultural society of Gorinchem. Around the globe, the 'battle' proves to be a wonderful driving force, not only for sport and play but also for art and culture. Individuals and groups have an inexhaustible desire to show others what they are good at, possibly to surpass others, and if their level falls short of that of others, to zealously prepare for a new confrontation, time and again. According to Guy Debord this is where the essence of cultural progress lies: culture as people's desire to present themselves to each other and then to others.

The central location of the project was formed by a former playing field named 'De Toekomst' (which means 'the future'). The characteristic changing rooms next to the field were reconstructed into a broadcasting studio and workshop space. Residents and visitors could come over Monday through Saturday with their questions, remarks, stories about and memories of playing. Each Monday evening, the programme 'The Future from the sidelines' by Jo van der Spek was broadcast from the building, on the role of sport and games within contemporary cultures, with stories from the neighbourhood and reports from experts. From these programs a whole series of new games was developed that are characteristic for contemporary Gorinchem. In cooperation with 'Gorinchem Beweegt', a series of workshops and game activities was organised in April and May to test and develop these games in preparation for a tournament. With the Turkish and Moroccan communities, an event was organised to celebrate International Children's Day on 23 April. In this way, various participants participated in the development of the games. On 31 May and 1 June, the tournament 'Langs de Lijn van De Toekomst' was held. Strength, knowledge, vision and culture were tested by playing '3-Sided Football', 'BMX Buzkashi', 'Breakelen' ('Break Hop'), 'Draw a Line', 'Battle for the Bridge', 'Elastic Wrestling' and 'Boating besides the Water'. Parallel to these activities the documentary From the Sidelines was filmed by, Klaas van Gorkum, Iratxe Jaio, Sonya Schonberger, giving insight into the daily routine of the Gorinchem club life. This documentary and the video Show Us Your Moves, on the battling during the game of 'Breakelen', were shown at the 2003 Venice Biennale along with Draw a Line as part of the presentation 'We Are the World' in the Dutch pavilion.
project writings:
Conquestparticipants:AchillesParticipation in realising artwork
Achmed SalamiInspiration/knowledge sharing
Adri BuizertTechnical realisation
Aerobics & Baletschool PapillonReporting in image
  :. Anja RietveldReporting in image
  :. Kirsten BaanvingerReporting in image
  :. Liestte de JongReporting in image
  :. Marlieke FrisReporting in image
Akkiz ColkusuDevelopment of the artwork , Inspiration/knowledge sharing
Alain van DuurenDevelopment of the artwork
Andrew MayTranslation
Anne HiemstraCommunication, Written or oral text contribution , Participation in realising artwork
Anouar El MeknouziInspiration/knowledge sharing , Production
Arjen DamenTechnical realisation
Bert VreeswijkWritten or oral text contribution
Bevo WoningbeheerFinancial support
Biljartvereniging de VluchthavenReporting in image
  :. Jan VierkantReporting in image
  :. JanusReporting in image
  :. Piet DubbeldamReporting in image
BlissContributing one's own artwork
  :. Charlie ZwartContributing one's own artwork
  :. Gwen van ZaaneContributing one's own artwork
  :. Lauren DyerContributing one's own artwork
Bowlen Maduro TromReporting in image
BreedtesportReporting in image
  :. Arno PruisenAdvice concerning content, Production, Technical realisation
  :. Erik BothProduction, Technical realisation, Written or oral text contribution
  :. Martin de RidderProduction, Technical realisation
Bridgeclub De MerweReporting in image
  :. AC de JongReporting in image
Caroleine Du PancTechnical realisation
Carrol van RusselFinancial support
Casper RilaTechnical realisation
Casper RiterTechnical realisation
Computercafe The GridReporting in image
  :. Iris BlomReporting in image
  :. Jasper StoopReporting in image
  :. Mohammed SobatoReporting in image
  :. RachidReporting in image
  :. Said (1)Reporting in image
  :. Said (2)Reporting in image
Creative MindsContributing one's own artwork
  :. GeraldContributing one's own artwork
  :. JudithAdvice concerning content
  :. Kevin AmstelveenAdvice concerning content
Dave - DJ DefContributing one's own artwork
Dave HemmingwaySound editing
De GarageParticipation in realising artwork
De KuiperTechnical advice, Technical realisation, Financial support
  :. Teus KorevaarTechnical advice, Technical realisation, Financial support
De LosersParticipation in realising artwork
De OctopusParticipation in realising artwork
De SkatersParticipation in realising artwork
De VosjesParticipation in realising artwork
Dhr BretelsProduction, Emotional support
Dhr KapponisInspiration/knowledge sharing
Dhr. KlepperProduction, Emotional support
Dhr. Ten ArveTechnical realisation
Dhr. Van NorelTechnical realisation
Duivensport dhr van DrielReporting in image
El Ritmo SequeaContributing one's own artwork
Eline VetteReporting in sound
Emir BarhanContributing one's own artwork
Foued QuajnanAdvice concerning content, Contributing one's own artwork
Francois Xavier GuillonParticipation in realising artwork
Frank de BruijnDevelopment of the artwork
Future KickParticipation in realising artwork
Gemeente GorinchemFinancial support
  :. Annemari LetherProduction
  :. Don BenjaminsTechnical advice
  :. Jack OostrumParticipation in realising artwork
Gorcums MuseumCreating space
  :. Piet AugustijnCreating space
Gorinchemse Hockey Club RapidReporting in image
  :. Arnoud StasseReporting in image
  :. Erik van GulikReporting in image
  :. Gerald KarelseReporting in image
  :. Ijsbrand WillemseReporting in image
  :. Ivonne van der LindeReporting in image
  :. Jan van der SchuitReporting in image
  :. Martin VisscherReporting in image
  :. Mbaga ZonneveldReporting in image
  :. Mr. WijngaardenReporting in image
  :. Nathan de RidderReporting in image
  :. Niels VinkReporting in image
  :. Roy KlimentReporting in image
Gosse van der LeyTranslation
Griekse mevrouwInspiration/knowledge sharing
Guy FunkTechnical realisation
Handbalvereniging AchillesReporting in image
  :. Peter StaalReporting in image
  :. Remond van MittenburgReporting in image
Harika KardeslerContributing one's own artwork
Henk LoorbachDevelopment of the artwork
Hinke SigmondTechnical realisation
Huub van HeeswijkTechnical realisation
I.L.C.Participation in realising artwork , Written or oral text contribution
Inline Skaters Rick RoosReporting in image
Iratxe JaioDevelopment of the artwork , Reporting in image
Irmo LandbrugTechnical realisation
Jack van MildertReporting in image, Contributing one's own artwork
Jager SlipjachtReporting in image
  :. Marko van AaslsbergReporting in image
Jan de BuckTechnical realisation
Jannis TentzerakisTechnical advice
Janus CuppensCommunication
Jermaine S.Contributing one's own artwork
Joke van der NatProduction
Joost WelmersTechnical realisation
Joost WelmusCommunication
Jordy WalkerTechnical realisation
JustinTechnical realisation
Kamal EttaoufikkiTechnical realisation
Karen BaldockTranslation
KatjaTechnical realisation
Kees van WilligenReporting in sound
Kjell van NorelDevelopment of the artwork
Klaas van GorkumDevelopment of the artwork , Reporting in image, Image editing
Klaverjassen Wim van der lindeReporting in image
Korfbal Vereniging NettoramaReporting in image
  :. Dieneke KouveltReporting in image
  :. Loek ReenReporting in image
  :. W.J. van DortReporting in image
  :. Winnie BoeterReporting in image
Kremlin playersParticipation in realising artwork
KunstgebouwFinancial support
  :. Anita van der LindenDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Karel WinterinkAdvice concerning content
  :. Katie JacobsFinancial support, Communication
  :. Marieke KnolAdvice concerning content, Communication
Leonie van EykeTechnical realisation
Liesbeth MeyerTechnical realisation
Lowrider Part UnityContributing one's own artwork
  :. chris de NijsContributing one's own artwork
  :. Onno BroekhuizenContributing one's own artwork
  :. ValerieContributing one's own artwork
Maartje HeikampTechnical realisation
Mandy ToendersTechnical realisation
Marco ChristisTechnical realisation
Martien WijersTranslation, Text editing
Martijn RookerTechnical realisation
Martin MijburgTechnical realisation
Martine ToendersTechnical realisation
Mathijs FonvilleDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork
Matthijs LinnemannInspiration/knowledge sharing
Maurits de BruijnDevelopment of the artwork , Website development, Graphic design
Melvin WitterveenContributing one's own artwork
Mevr. BretelsProduction, Emotional support
Mevr. KlepperProduction, Emotional support
Mevr. LeendersTechnical realisation
Nico BouwmanTechnical realisation
Olivia BrusselTranslation
Paul de KruijWritten or oral text contribution
PerfectTechnical realisation
  :. W. MoorerTechnical realisation
Peter de BontProduction
Piet HagemeijerFinancial support
Pieternel v/d SterrenTechnical realisation
Prins Bernhard CultuurfondsFinancial support
Provincie Zuid HollandFinancial support
RaadzaamParticipation in realising artwork
Radio Langs de LijnDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Abulhaq BahramWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Ad van LamoenWritten or oral text contribution
  :. AdiWritten or oral text contribution
  :. AmirWritten or oral text contribution
  :. AndreWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Arie AltenaWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Arie RozaWritten or oral text contribution , Inspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. AysunWritten or oral text contribution , Production
  :. BrianWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Bruno HoliWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Busa BabaWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Cindy van den BremenWritten or oral text contribution
  :. DapneWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Dhr de JongWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Dhr GeurtsWritten or oral text contribution
  :. dhr v KesterenWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Dhr van HeumenWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Dhr. Van DijkWritten or oral text contribution
  :. DimitriWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Fik MeyerWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Frank van DijlReporting in sound, Advice concerning content
  :. Hans van den EemsterAdvice concerning content
  :. Henk SteenbergenWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Hennie den ToomWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Jaap de KrijgerWritten or oral text contribution
  :. JamalWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Jan Erik VisserWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Jo van der SpekDevelopment of the artwork , Reporting in sound
  :. Jo van der WalWritten or oral text contribution
  :. joannaWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Johan de VriesWritten or oral text contribution
  :. JoostWritten or oral text contribution
  :. KapperWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Lokaal FMTechnical realisation
  :. Lukas VerweijWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Marc MauerWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Marko van Aalsburg SpeijkWritten or oral text contribution
  :. mervr. Berna BonnemayerWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Mevr. Van HeumenWritten or oral text contribution
  :. MichelWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Mo AzaajWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Model vliegerWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Mohamad BabazadehWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Mvr van MaurikWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Nelly CoomanWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Norman DekkerWritten or oral text contribution
  :. OkochaWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Oma MulierWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Paul de KreyWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Pieter GroeneReporting in sound
  :. R'kia El HidWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Richard KerklaanReporting in sound, Technical realisation
  :. RifkaWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Ronny MulderWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Ryan VerschoorWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Sara CulkusuWritten or oral text contribution
  :. SelmaWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Shaban OlWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Siebe ThissenWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Simon MiddelkoopWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Solex rijderWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Stefan PluymReporting in sound, Technical realisation
  :. Tamara HoogstegerWritten or oral text contribution , Technical realisation
  :. Tanneke de GrootTechnical realisation, Reporting in sound
  :. The ProphetWritten or oral text contribution
  :. TurgayWritten or oral text contribution
  :. TutuWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Vincent van MaurikWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Wim de BruineWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Wytse MeermanWritten or oral text contribution
  :. YasminWritten or oral text contribution
  :. YelesWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Yesef El AbbabasWritten or oral text contribution
  :. zahide UstaWritten or oral text contribution
Radio RijnmondTechnical realisation, Financial support, Technical advice
Rai ExperienceContributing one's own artwork
Ramón MosterdProduction, Communication
RaymzterContributing one's own artwork
Rein Jan KroesTechnical realisation
Rens - MC SurfReporting in sound
Roger HoltermanTechnical realisation
Roger TeeuwenDevelopment of the artwork , Graphic design
Rolf CoppensTechnical realisation
Rolf EngelenAdvice concerning content
Saskia NehringTranslation, Text editing
Sawas ColkusuReporting in image
SGB (Jan Olyslager)Technical realisation, Technical advice
Shaulin KempoReporting in image
  :. AbdelReporting in image
  :. Jamani SellamiReporting in image
  :. Said AssoudReporting in image
  :. Teresa PeriniReporting in image
Sjors de JongTechnical realisation
Sonya SchönbergerDevelopment of the artwork , Reporting in image, Production
SP jongerenParticipation in realising artwork
Stichting ArkelstadAdvice concerning content, Technical realisation
Tafeltennis Dhr SlingerlandReporting in image
Tamar de KempReporting in image
Teun CasteleinDevelopment of the artwork
The A-teamParticipation in realising artwork
Tia MaagdenbergTechnical realisation
Tjimme RuytersReporting in image
Tobias BeuvingTechnical realisation
Toyota Schouten (Stefan v/d Bilt)Financial support
Turks Koffiehuis KappadokiaReporting in image
  :. Ferit CeranoluReporting in image
  :. Mansoer WalizadaReporting in image
  :. Merwais GriakheesReporting in image
  :. Mohamed SafiReporting in image
  :. Rifat OztuzanReporting in image
Vanessa JorissenTechnical realisation
Vertaal CircuitTranslation
Voetbalclub SVWReporting in image
  :. Benny BakkerReporting in image
  :. DickieReporting in image
  :. Gertjan BakkerReporting in image
  :. GroenenbergReporting in image
  :. Kees van BalenReporting in image
  :. Seer van HoogendoornReporting in image
Voetbalvereniging UnitasReporting in image
  :. T. PelikaanReporting in image
  :. Yussef El AbassReporting in image
VSB FondsFinancial support
WedstrijdzwemmenReporting in image
  :. FN de JongReporting in image
  :. Ron GerdesReporting in image
Wendel ten ArveProduction, Communication, Reporting in sound
Wendela HubrechtProduction, Communication
Westland Studio'sTechnical realisation, Technical advice, Financial support
Wouter HuisTechnical realisation
Wouter LoeffTechnical realisation
ZappContributing one's own artwork
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