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Under the Spell of the Ring

Eindhoven, 1999
For 'De gedroomde toekomst van de metropool Eindhoven', a commission of the city of Eindhoven and Philips in 1999, Jeanne van Heeswijk developed an urban developmental view on this city. The basis of this project was the question: How can an image for the city be developed with which the inhabitants of Eindhoven can identify themselves and which can become part of the culture and the city's urban tradition? For this she envisioned the ring road, connecting the villages that make up the city of Eindhoven, as the new city centre. The ring road could offer opportunities for the use of new technologies such as soundcards and neon signs, for buildings over and along the road, and would become visible by layers of lighting and paving. What was to be crucial to the identity of the new centre was the establishing of an annual event, with an appeal reaching far beyond the city limits. Proposed is to have an annual 'drag race'. This project is not yet realised.
participants:Alessandro MendiniDevelopment of the artwork
Ester van de WielDevelopment of the artwork
Gemeente EindhovenFinancial support
Herman KerkdijkDevelopment of the artwork
Jan KapsenbergDevelopment of the artwork
Lauran SchijvensDevelopment of the artwork , Technical realisation
Mu FandationCreating space
Philips EindhovenAdvice concerning content, Financial support
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