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Fields of (inter)action

NAi, Rotterdam, 2007
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Duration: 05.2007 - 10.2007
Location: Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam
Participants: 24
Visitors: people who visited the NAi
Number of Events: 1

With A Better World - Another Power (part of the 2007 Rotterdam Architectural Biennale) the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) presents the power and potential of an architecture that chooses to make the opinions of its most important users in the city, the residents, count once more. The exhibition shows the work of groups of architects and artists who, in their practice, are not interested in defining just the form of a building, but rather in stimulating collective processes, spontaneous creativity and activism in order to incite a new political role for architecture.

With their work Jeanne van Heeswijk and Dennis Kaspori stimulate social change through collective design practises. They strongly encourage a critical attitude toward our built environment. With 'Fields of (inter)action, models for collective change' they presented five projects on urban transformation in the form of a life size pop-up book two-metres tall designed by Roger Teeuwen. For the first time the projects 'Will o the whisp', 'Face Your World', 'Care-Taker', 'De Strip' and 'The Blue House' are presented next to each other in order to give insight in the aims, methodologies and working methods of Van Heeswijk and Kaspori. The work's playful and interactive design stimulates visitors of the exhibition to open windows to explore the projects or to pull on something in order to change the scenario.
participants:Aelen en van LeeuwenTechnical realisation
Andrew MayTranslation
Annet van OtterlooParticipation in realising artwork
Arjen DamenParticipation in realising artwork
CBK RotterdamFinancial support
Dennis KasporiDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork , Participation in realising artwork
Gijs HankParticipation in realising artwork
Irene den HartoogParticipation in realising artwork
Joost van EedenParticipation in realising artwork
Jordy WalkerParticipation in realising artwork
La Biennale di VeneziaCreating space
Lieneke van den BergParticipation in realising artwork
Marcel van der MeijsTechnical advice
Marleen van DalenParticipation in realising artwork
Netherlands Architecture InstituteTechnical advice, Technical realisation
  :. Emiliano GandolfiCreating space
  :. Janinne van ErkTechnical realisation
  :. Jasper van der MadeTechnical advice, Technical realisation
  :. Koen de VriesTechnical realisation
  :. Landstra en de VriesTechnical realisation
  :. Suzan KoleProduction
Ramón MosterdParticipation in realising artwork , Production, Communication
Roger TeeuwenGraphic design, Development of the artwork , Spatial design
  :. Amy WuGraphic design, Development of the artwork , Participation in realising artwork
  :. Sjoerd DekkerGraphic design, Development of the artwork , Participation in realising artwork
Rotterdam 2007 Year of ArchitectureFinancial support
Virtual PrinterCommunication
Wink WitholtTechnical realisation
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