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Face Your World, StedelijkLab Slotervaart

Amsterdam, Slotervaart, 2005
project news:
Design Staalmanpark receives green light
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public presentation
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public presentation
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Duration: 01.2005 - 07.2011
Location: StedelijkLab Slotervaart (UrbanLab Slotervaart), Amsterdam
Participants: 600
Visitors: 3,000
Number of events: 2
Additional Presentations: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (15.10.2005-16.11.2005)

The Face Your World (2002) project, conceived in Columbus, Ohio (USA) [see also 3.8, pp. 23-24], offers children a collective learning environment in which they can learn how to investigate, as well as adapt, their living environment. The Interactor, a 3-D multi-user computer environment, allows children to 'engineer' their surroundings. On the initiative of SKOR (a Dutch foundation for art and public space) and AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts), Van Heeswijk and architect Dennis Kaspori developed a practical educational model for participation in urban renewal aimed at secondary school students (specifically VMBO-level, lower secondary vocational education), devising a completely new version of the Interactor in collaboration with IJsfontein.

Face Your World StedelijkLab Slotervaart started in early 2005 in the Staalmanplein neighbourhood, an area undergoing drastic urban renewal, including the planned creation of a park about 13,500 m2 to serve as the district's new public heart. Van Heeswijk worked hard to ensure this commission went to Face Your World, in order to create an urban-planning process based around intensive participation by local residents and striving to invest urban regeneration, usually based on economic principles, with existing social and cultural capital. From January through July, Face Your World set up camp in an old gymnasium, on the site of the future park, transformed into an 'urban lab': a place to discuss and work on the design of the park with students, local residents and other interested parties. Each day, pupils from the Professor Einstein Elementary School and students from the Calvijn met Junior College (a VMBO school), along with neighbourhood residents, explored their surroundings with Van Heeswijk and Kaspori and invited experts. Collectively they worked on the design of their future park, addressing not only what facilities should be available, but also how it should look and their personal roles within it. StedelijkLab Slotervaart provided a learning environment as part of a public process of planning for the neighbourhood's future. Six months later the participants presented their design to the local authorities and other local residents. After some minimal modifications, the borough council officially approved the communal design for the 'Staalman Park' on 1 March 2006. The whole project and the way in which it interrelated several complex issues - urban renewal, practical education, neighbourhood participation and the role of art in public space within the concrete context of a design project - was presented and discussed at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The model StedelijkLab is to be set up at four new locations, two in the Netherlands and two abroad.
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project writings:
Playing the Cityparticipants:Ali HaselhoefReporting in image, Reporting in sound
Amsterdam Fonds voor de KunstFinancial support
  :. Annemieke HuisinghEducational support
Calvijn met Junior CollegeSpatial design
  :. Abdelmoutalib El KouaaSpatial design
  :. Ahmet DuysakSpatial design
  :. Amal BoukhizzouSpatial design
  :. Arzu SahingozSpatial design
  :. Ayse KiliçSpatial design
  :. Badria El MoussaouiSpatial design
  :. Cendice AprakoSpatial design
  :. Fatima El JattariSpatial design
  :. Fatima TabaadditSpatial design
  :. Gökhan ÇaliskanSpatial design
  :. Hamza CheijarSpatial design
  :. Hayat JeltiSpatial design
  :. Ilias El YacoubiSpatial design
  :. Imane ReffasSpatial design
  :. Jeffrey BouwmeesterSpatial design
  :. Khadija AbdiSpatial design
  :. Mevlüt KayanSpatial design
  :. Mohamed El OtmaniSpatial design
  :. Mourad ElkhalloufiSpatial design
  :. Nabil El JaroudiSpatial design
  :. Naomi MeilandSpatial design
  :. Nick ObengSpatial design
  :. Oguz TetikSpatial design
  :. Somea DersSpatial design
  :. Soufyan AfarjatSpatial design
  :. Souhalla EttajiriSpatial design
  :. Yasemin KarakoçogluSpatial design
  :. Yonique HarperSpatial design
Carla OostingEducational support
De DageraadFinancial support
  :. Hanneke EngelsmanFinancial support, Creating space
Dennis KasporiDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork , Participation in realising artwork
Digitale PioniersFinancial support
Eric van GrondelleTechnical realisation
EuroprixFinancial support
Florentijn HofmanContributing one's own artwork
Frank AlsemaParticipation in realising artwork , Website development
  :. Geert JansenParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Joost van EedenParticipation in realising artwork , Website development
Hervé ParaponarisAdvice concerning content
IJsfonteinTechnical realisation
  :. Dennis MulderTechnical realisation
  :. Hayo WagenaarTechnical realisation
  :. Paul HouxTechnical realisation
  :. Rob de VriesTechnical realisation
  :. Roel BolhuisProduction
Inge WillemsReporting in image, Reporting in sound
Irene den HartoogProduction, Educational support
Joris BroekhuizenTechnical advice
Maaike EngelenEducational support, Development of artwork concept
Marco ChristisTechnical realisation
Maria KlaassenProduction, Educational support
Maurits de BruijnWebsite development
Nienke van AnkerenProduction, Educational support
Professor EinsteinschoolSpatial design
  :. Aneesa RajaSpatial design
  :. Bilal AlirkilicarslanSpatial design
  :. Busra DursunSpatial design
  :. Fatima AhbariSpatial design
  :. Faziela AbdoelbasierSpatial design
  :. Hajar SahsahSpatial design
  :. Hala MabroukSpatial design
  :. Hanane IrassirSpatial design
  :. Haniefa MahabaliSpatial design
  :. Hicham AmakranSpatial design
  :. Imane AmranielSpatial design
  :. Lamyae BakhlakhSpatial design
  :. Michelle TihanyiSpatial design
  :. Mohamed KalmouaSpatial design
  :. Omer AkkocaSpatial design
  :. Sevim SaritasSpatial design
  :. Siham TadmineSpatial design
Ramón MosterdCommunication, Production
Ritse MolTechnical realisation
Roger TeeuwenGraphic design
Rolf EngelenEmotional support
Saskia GoldschmidtEmotional support
SKORFinancial support
  :. Dees LindersFinancial support, Communication
  :. Wilfried LenzFinancial support, Advice concerning content
Stadsdeel SlotervaartFinancial support, Creating space
  :. Anja WanningenProduction
  :. Harrie WienFinancial support, Creating space
  :. Leta HoeveCommunication
  :. Martin RoozenboomTechnical advice
  :. Martine van BergenFinancial support
Stedelijk Museum AmsterdamCreating space
  :. Jelle BouwhuisCreating space
  :. Rixt Hulshoff PolCommunication, Educational support
Stichting Face Your WorldCreating space
Street WiseCommunication, Production, Participation in realising artwork
TeC AmsterdamReporting in image
Todd MatsumotoParticipation in realising artwork
Willemijn van der SlootProduction, Educational support
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