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Wish for a Coffee

Camden Arts Centre, London, 2000
sculpture 'Wish for a Coffee'
sculpture 'Wish for a Coffee'
performance 'Peeling Onions' by Miriam Reeders
sculpture 'Lamp for Paul Thek' by Rolf Engelen
performance '
detail sculpture 'Lamp for Paul Thek' by Rolf Engelen
performance 'Wrapping' by rolf Engelen
performance 'Do you want to' by Maaike Engelen
Performance 'Boat from Nowhere' by Miriam Reeders
Duration: 16.01.2000
Location: Camden Arts Centre, London
Participants: 5
Visitors: people visiting the exhibition
Number of Events: 1

During the 1960s the American artist Paul Thek and a group of artist friends developed collaborative projects like the Artist's Co-op. Their large-scale environments, which integrated sculpture, sound, dance and performance, have been a source of inspiration for many artists working today. Van Heeswijk invited sculptor Rolf Engelen and performance artist Miriam Reeders to create a one-day event in honour of Thek during a retrospective exhibition of his work at Camden Arts Centre.

This event was the artists' first public collaboration in London and was programmed in response to Thek's working methods and ideas. The lecture Thek held at Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York served as a starting point. Throughout the day the artists placed objects in the gallery, set up temporary installations that formed the bases for performances and read and sang personal responses to Thek's work. Visitors were invited to get involved with the artists' interventions and to contribute to them. There was a map and timetable available for the visitors of Camden Arts Centre so they could trace the objects and times of events over the course of the entire day.
participants:Amy PlantCreating space , Emotional support
Camden Arts CenterCreating space , Financial support
Maaike EngelenAdvice concerning content, Development of the artwork
Mirjam ReedersDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork
Rolf EngelenDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork
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