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De Strip

Westwijk, Vlaardingen, 2002
workshop 'SES Clay D-Day' by MAMA
workshop by Noelle Cuppens
workshop 'De Reus van Vlaaridngen' by MAMA
Duration: 05.2002 - 05.2004
Location: Empty shopping strip, Westwijk, Vlaardingen
Participants: 319
Visitors: 48,000
Number of Events: 102

Looking at regeneration plans for the Westwijk, a borough housing 16,000 people in Vlaardingen, Van Heeswijk wondered how residents would be involved in what she saw as a total transformation of its social fabric. In 2001, a lack of funds halted the regeneration project and many properties stood vacant. Approached by the local housing corporation and the city, Van Heeswijk requested the use of the empty shops at the Floris de Vijfdelaan - 3,500 square metres of floor space - and decided to convert them into spaces for cultural production, inviting Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and Showroom MAMA to participate.

Within a few months architect François Xavier Guillon and the construction firm Panagro Ltd transformed De Strip into a complex that could accommodate a diversity of functions. Showroom MAMA shared the former supermarket with artist Peter Westenberg, who developed the 'Uit+Thuis videomagazijn', a video projection and production space. Two studios were also built for artists and craftsmen to work in for a period of three months, for free, in return for linking their work to the area and its residents. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen opened an annex in the former greengrocers, exhibiting contemporary art and design. The complex also housed a café, which residents could book for meetings, and a small bookshop. Every three months a new program focusing on local issues would start in all spaces simultaneously, allowing cross-reading of these issues through different presentation forms.

De Strip was not intended as an isolated enclave for the arts, but a hub of activities for local residents and others. Organizers sought contact with key community figures long before the opening, all parties were represented at project meetings, and wherever possible everyone's wishes were taken into consideration. Van Heeswijk assembled a team that would organize and manage De Strip for two years. Opening on 23 May 2002, it initially attracted few visitors, but word quickly spread. Local residents became part of De Strip, as regular visitors or even helping out with its organisation and publicity. People from Rotterdam and elsewhere also visited. According to Michelle Provoost the attention the project attracted opened an unwelcome debate about modernist high-rises. All the clichés about their anonymity, cultural poverty, ugliness, and economic hopelessness were proven wrong. Residents, taking pride in their borough, became less receptive to top-down policies, and outside intellectuals were forced to see and understand these neighbourhoods as more than abstractions.

Exactly two years later De Strip had to close its doors. Overnight, the eye-catching red façcade was whitewashed, erasing the physical traces of De Strip but leaving an after-image of the community that had emerged.
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Until we meet againparticipants:ABC Brass BandContributing one's own artwork
Abdel Akil BenomarEducational support, Communication
Abdullah UcaContributing one's own artwork
Amy de WaeleEducational support
Andre GoosTechnical advice, Technical realisation
Bam NBM InfraFinancial support
Bik Van der PolContributing one's own artwork
Bob VasennaEducational support
BokxFinancial support
Bouwhulp GroepFinancial support
Cagdas Kültürevi Erkekler KorosuContributing one's own artwork
Canis ZijlmansReporting in language
Chris DobrowolskyContributing one's own artwork
Cianhan UtuContributing one's own artwork
Cindy van den BremenContributing one's own artwork
Collectie Alle VlaardingersContributing one's own artwork
ColoresContributing one's own artwork
CrimsonContributing one's own artwork
Cultuurfonds BNGFinancial support
De MaasstadTechnical realisation
De TabakswinkelFinancial support
Dennis WinterWritten or oral text contribution , Advice concerning content
Dwight MaricaContributing one's own artwork
Edwin CarelsReporting in language
El StiloContributing one's own artwork
Els SnijdersEducational support
Emine BozkurtInspiration/knowledge sharing
Engelen & EngelenContributing one's own artwork
Eric van StraatenContributing one's own artwork , Reporting in language
Fatima HusseinEducational support
FloranceEducational support
Fonds Schiedam Vlaardingen e.o.Financial support
Francois Xavier GuillonDevelopment of the artwork
Gülay ErsoyInspiration/knowledge sharing
Geertrui van de CraatsContributing one's own artwork
Gemeente VlaardingenFinancial support, Technical realisation
  :. Celia KalisvaartProduction
  :. Esther DiddenAdvice concerning content, Communication
  :. Sandor GoraProduction
Gertjan VisserEducational support
Giti EntezamiContributing one's own artwork
Guus BeumerContributing one's own artwork , Reporting in language
Han HoogerbruggeGraphic design, Website development
Hanno RauterbergReporting in language
Heiko KuipersWritten or oral text contribution
HetoFinancial support
HooymayersFinancial support, Technical realisation
HulskampFinancial support, Technical realisation
Ineke HagenEducational support
Izeta SlwivnwakEducational support
J.J. WitkamContributing one's own artwork
Jacqueline du MortierWritten or oral text contribution
Jan Hein van MelisContributing one's own artwork
Jasper van der MadeContributing one's own artwork , Technical realisation
Jemal ChalliuiWritten or oral text contribution
Jeroen BeltmanWebsite development
Jeroen MuschReporting in image
Jo van der SpekReporting in language
Jos NoordhuizenWritten or oral text contribution
Kamiel VerschurenContributing one's own artwork
Karen BaldockTranslation
Kirsten LeenaarsContributing one's own artwork , Reporting in language
KunstgebouwFinancial support
Lauran SchijvensContributing one's own artwork
Maartje BerendsenAdvice concerning content, Reporting in language , Production
Majoub BenmoussaWritten or oral text contribution
Malih GokdumanContributing one's own artwork
MAMAContributing one's own artwork , Development of the artwork , Production
  :. Action HeroContributing one's own artwork
  :. Adi Khavous (Al Qlaida)Production
  :. AeddingContributing one's own artwork
  :. ApetownContributing one's own artwork
  :. BA 52Contributing one's own artwork
  :. BacteriumContributing one's own artwork
  :. Boris van BerkumDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork , Reporting in language
  :. Chick'nContributing one's own artwork
  :. Chris VersteegContributing one's own artwork
  :. Cies Breijs (Al Qlaida)Production
  :. CkoeContributing one's own artwork
  :. DcentContributing one's own artwork
  :. Diensten Centrum WestContributing one's own artwork
  :. DstructContributing one's own artwork
  :. EASRContributing one's own artwork
  :. ElfContributing one's own artwork
  :. EphameronContributing one's own artwork
  :. ESKContributing one's own artwork
  :. EwosContributing one's own artwork
  :. FCP / AMBContributing one's own artwork
  :. FietspompContributing one's own artwork
  :. Florentijn HofmanContributing one's own artwork
  :. FoxyContributing one's own artwork
  :. GaloContributing one's own artwork
  :. Harm Jan TimmerarendsContributing one's own artwork
  :. HelikopterContributing one's own artwork
  :. HiphophobbyklubContributing one's own artwork
  :. IronContributing one's own artwork
  :. Jeroen EveraertDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Joost Goudriaan (Al Qlaida)Production
  :. Joost ten BruggencateContributing one's own artwork
  :. KarskiContributing one's own artwork
  :. KunstaasContributing one's own artwork
  :. LastplakContributing one's own artwork
  :. LowlitaContributing one's own artwork
  :. MackplaktContributing one's own artwork
  :. Milan TilderContributing one's own artwork
  :. MissDublineContributing one's own artwork
  :. More$Contributing one's own artwork
  :. Natasa HeydraContributing one's own artwork
  :. OE TietenmonsterContributing one's own artwork
  :. OlesContributing one's own artwork
  :. Oscar de Marchi (Al Qlaida)Production
  :. PlugContributing one's own artwork
  :. Reno Torregrosa (Al Qlaida)Production
  :. Shes 54Contributing one's own artwork
  :. SHGZContributing one's own artwork
  :. SON 103Contributing one's own artwork
  :. The London PoliceContributing one's own artwork
  :. TomekContributing one's own artwork
  :. WoodContributing one's own artwork
  :. YenContributing one's own artwork
  :. Zorgcentrum de WeteringContributing one's own artwork
MAP / Dave SchwabContributing one's own artwork , Reporting in language
  :. Anouk SamelingContributing one's own artwork
  :. Chaouki El OfirContributing one's own artwork , Educational support
  :. Dennis RudgeContributing one's own artwork
  :. Eva van WelzenisContributing one's own artwork
  :. GemkiContributing one's own artwork
  :. John SerkeiContributing one's own artwork
  :. Martin SchwabContributing one's own artwork
  :. Mataschenka van OortContributing one's own artwork
  :. Oya CapelleContributing one's own artwork
  :. Ozgur CanelContributing one's own artwork
  :. ShafkarContributing one's own artwork
  :. Sibel AltonbasContributing one's own artwork
  :. Victor BottembleyContributing one's own artwork
Marc GijzenFinancial support
Marcel MöringWritten or oral text contribution
Marianne VorthorenInspiration/knowledge sharing
Martien WijersTranslation, Text editing
Mathijs ValkTechnical realisation
Maurits de BruijnWebsite development
MC BerberContributing one's own artwork
Michelle ProvoostWritten or oral text contribution
Mirjam BikkerEducational support
Mirjam SchaafWebsite development
Mirjam WestenWritten or oral text contribution
Mohamed HajouWritten or oral text contribution
Mondriaan StichtingFinancial support
Museum Boijmans Van BeuningenReporting in image, Technical realisation
  :. Alexandra Gaba-van DongenContributing one's own artwork
  :. Angela RidderingCommunication
  :. Chris DerconAdvice concerning content
  :. Elbrig de GrootContributing one's own artwork
  :. Erik BeenkersContributing one's own artwork , Written or oral text contribution
  :. Jaap GuldemondContributing one's own artwork
  :. Margreet WafelbakkerContributing one's own artwork
  :. Piet de JongeAdvice concerning content
  :. Rein WolfsDevelopment of artwork concept , Contributing one's own artwork
  :. Tjibbe SpruitProduction
  :. Wout BraberTechnical advice
NiclaudiaEducational support
Niels Smits van BurgstContributing one's own artwork
Noëlle CuppensContributing one's own artwork
Nuran KalemAdvice concerning content, Educational support
Olivia BrusselTranslation
Olivier AzimarTechnical realisation
Omima NoorContributing one's own artwork
ONS / IradoFinancial support, Technical realisation, Advice concerning content
PanagroFinancial support, Technical realisation, Production
  :. Koos de WitInspiration/knowledge sharing
Paul CoxContributing one's own artwork
Paul van SoestWritten or oral text contribution , Advice concerning content
Peace 180Contributing one's own artwork
Peter WestenbergDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork
  :. AbdifatahParticipation in realising artwork
  :. AbdulParticipation in realising artwork
  :. AbdullahParticipation in realising artwork
  :. AdilParticipation in realising artwork
  :. AjoubParticipation in realising artwork
  :. AkifParticipation in realising artwork
  :. AmalParticipation in realising artwork
  :. AzdinParticipation in realising artwork
  :. CalvinParticipation in realising artwork
  :. ChaventliParticipation in realising artwork
  :. CherellaParticipation in realising artwork
  :. DemiParticipation in realising artwork
  :. DylanParticipation in realising artwork
  :. EmreParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Femke SneltingReporting in image, Advice concerning content
  :. Frans de JongReporting in image
  :. GülayParticipation in realising artwork
  :. GemkinParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Hans VerschurenReporting in image
  :. HogerParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Inge HoonteReporting in image
  :. Iratxe JaioReporting in image
  :. JorgyParticipation in realising artwork
  :. KamuranParticipation in realising artwork
  :. KerimParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Klaas van GorkumReporting in image
  :. LilavParticipation in realising artwork
  :. LucParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Lucas VerweyTechnical realisation
  :. Manuela PorcedduGraphic design, Production
  :. Mart van de MostReporting in image
  :. MaryamParticipation in realising artwork
  :. MelisParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Merel WillemsenProduction, Technical realisation, Educational support
  :. MerweParticipation in realising artwork
  :. MichaelParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Mirjam ReedersEducational support, Contributing one's own artwork
  :. MiruaanParticipation in realising artwork
  :. MohammedParticipation in realising artwork
  :. NadiaParticipation in realising artwork
  :. NazifeParticipation in realising artwork
  :. RadjnieParticipation in realising artwork
  :. RamonParticipation in realising artwork
  :. ReselParticipation in realising artwork
  :. RobertoParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Robin van't HaarReporting in image
  :. SemihParticipation in realising artwork
  :. ShavgarParticipation in realising artwork
  :. SoufianParticipation in realising artwork
  :. TahaParticipation in realising artwork
  :. TannerParticipation in realising artwork
  :. VaanParticipation in realising artwork
  :. Willemijn SchellekensReporting in image
Pieter van den HurkEducational support
PlaneetFinancial support
Prins Bernhard CultuurfondsFinancial support
R'kia El HidInspiration/knowledge sharing
Ramón MosterdProduction, Communication
Reinaard VanhoeContributing one's own artwork
Rhimo BouchritWritten or oral text contribution
Ria van Oers JanssenInspiration/knowledge sharing
Ritse MolTechnical realisation
RO TheaterContributing one's own artwork
Roger TeeuwenGraphic design, Website development, Advice concerning content
Rolf EngelenContributing one's own artwork
Salih AkcaContributing one's own artwork
Samir BarkaniWritten or oral text contribution
Semih ArikanContributing one's own artwork
SESFinancial support, Technical realisation
Shirley AzimullahParticipation in realising artwork , Advice concerning content
Siebe ThissenWritten or oral text contribution
Sophia TabatdzeContributing one's own artwork
Stichting DOENFinancial support
Sursum CordaContributing one's own artwork
SVPFinancial support
Tamar de KempReporting in image
Tina van OnnaContributing one's own artwork
Tom ClaassenContributing one's own artwork
Van der WaalFinancial support
Van Schagen ArchitectenFinancial support
Vertaal CircuitTranslation
Visserijmuseum VlaardingenAdvice concerning content
VSB FondsFinancial support
Wapke FeenstraContributing one's own artwork , Reporting in language
Waterweg WonenFinancial support, Technical realisation
  :. Ineke van GullikProduction
  :. Ingrid BreekProduction
  :. Martijn HesProduction
  :. Martin MolenaarProduction
Wendela HubrechtText editing
Yvonne Dröge WendelContributing one's own artwork
ZwarteWitte VlaardingerContributing one's own artwork
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