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Subway to the Outside

New York, 1999
Duration: 03.1999-07.1999
Location: Public space and Artist Space, New York City
Participants: 45
Visitors: People watching Manhattan Neighbourhood Network and those visiting Artist Space
Number of Events: 3 TV series, 3 debates, 2 exhibitions.
Additional Presentations: Empires without States, Swiss Institute, New York, (11.11.1999 - 10.01.2000)

Subway to the Outside (1999) was a project for the non-profit exhibition space 'Artist Space' in New York. Artist Space has a long history of showing young emerging artists, like Cindy Sherman and Matt Mulicann, for the first time. In 1999 Artist Space turned 25, and Van Heeswijk was asked to produce a work in connection with this anniversary.

In light of how artists choose to work in contemporary art - many artists work outside institutional frameworks, they prefer the city as working domain - she thought it would be interesting to ask where the artists' space (the space of the artists) was located at that moment in New York City. Formally, Subway is a TV show, a map, a discussion and an installation.

The 'subway' was chosen as a metaphorical guide to involve people in New York, both the general public and the cultural world, in an empirical and ontological dialogue concerning the nature of art production and the place of cultural activity, and to explore the idea of 'artist space' in the context of a cultural capital. Armed with a camera, a microphone and the simple question 'Can you show me the way to artists' space?' Van Heeswijk and Martin Lucas travelled through the streets of New York. In addition, they asked fellow artists to show their own way to 'artists' space'. The project turned into an ongoing attempt to look at what the idea of an 'artist's space' means in the context of New York City. At the heart of the project was a desire to connect an understanding of the city as a shared cultural environment with real perceptions of urban life and the interactions between citizens and the institutions that surround them.
The search resulted in three television documentaries broadcast on Manhattan Neighbourhood Network, a local cable network, three discussions in Artist Space and an installation in the Swiss Institute in New York. The latter is a collaboration with Hervé Paraponaris. For this project Van Heeswijk collaborated with Samantha Coerbell, Beth Coleman, Laura Cottingham, Chico Garcia, Kristin Lucas, Martin Lucas, Joseph Di Mattia, Maydayproductions, Hervé Paraponaris, Tom Poole, REPOhistory, Saskia Sassen, Gregory Sholette, Tere Spain, Carol Stakenas, Ellen Stewart, James de la Vega, World War III Illustrated, Martin Zet and various members of the audience.
participants:Artist SpaceCreating space , Financial support
Beth ColemanContributing one's own artwork
Carol StakenasWritten or oral text contribution
Cecillia BarrigaAdvice concerning content
Chico GarciaContributing one's own artwork
Conny PurtillGraphic design
Ellen StewartParticipation in realising artwork
Gregory SholetteWritten or oral text contribution
Hans-Peter ThomasContributing one's own artwork , Production, Technical realisation
Hervé ParaponarisContributing one's own artwork , Development of the artwork
Homless womanParticipation in realising artwork
James de la VegaWritten or oral text contribution
Joseph Di MattiaWritten or oral text contribution , Advice concerning content
Kristin LucasContributing one's own artwork
Laura CottinghamParticipation in realising artwork
Martin LucasDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork , Image editing
  :. Passerby 1Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 10Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 11Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 12Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 13Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 14Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 15Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 16Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 17Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 18Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 19Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 2Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 20Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 21Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 22Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 23Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 24Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 25Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 3Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 4Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 5Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 6Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 7Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 8Written or oral text contribution
  :. Passerby 9Written or oral text contribution
Matin ZetContributing one's own artwork
MaydayproductionsContributing one's own artwork
Mike Bogan & Meagan HowellParticipation in realising artwork
Mondriaan StichtingFinancial support
Nicholas HaywardParticipation in realising artwork
Painter on Union SquareParticipation in realising artwork
Prudence HillAdvice concerning content, Image editing
Ramon A. Monrose JRParticipation in realising artwork
REPOhistoryContributing one's own artwork
Samantha CoerbellParticipation in realising artwork
Saskia SassenWritten or oral text contribution
Tere RecarensContributing one's own artwork
The Consulate General of the NetherlandsFinancial support
The Cultural Services of the French EmbassyFinancial support
The Netherland-America FoundationFinancial support
The New York State Council for the ArtsFinancial support
Tom PooleParticipation in realising artwork
World War III IllustratedContributing one's own artwork
Yannick GonzalezAdvice concerning content
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