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A Christmas Pudding for Henry

Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds, 1999
Facade Henry Moore
Duration: 18.11.1999 - 18.12.1999
Location: Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, the internet, the façade of the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
Participants: 72
Visitors: 600
Number of Events: 30

At the invitation of the Henry Moore Foundation External Programmes in Leeds, Van Heeswijk organised the project A Christmas Pudding for Henry (1999). More than thirty artists and members of the public worked together, on a daily basis, on a portrait of all the aspects of the city of Leeds. The basis for the workshops, fieldwork, presentations and discussions were questions into the nature of the cultural infrastructure of Leeds, which cultural relationships were present and how public space is designed and used.

The recipe for a traditional Christmas pudding was the essence of the project. A traditional Christmas pudding takes six weeks to prepare. Just like in the real pudding, different ingredients were used (the artists and artists groups from different backgrounds and disciplines); everyone in the household gave the pudding a stir (all participants gave the project a twist by creating an event); the pudding was simmered in a lot of spirit (critical guests and discussions) and kept in a capsule before being presented on 18 December. The project was displayed on three podiums, none of them inside the Henry Moore Institute itself. The first podium was a work, presentation, and discussion space in Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, open seven days a week. At this location, between six and eight o'clock each day, someone presented his or her vision of the city in a lecture, performance, work, or film screening. A website ( was the second podium, providing a daily update in the form of a cultural magazine. The third podium was the façade of the Henry Moore Institute. In their commission brief, the institute stated that the project should form a relationship with the city. Van Heeswijk gave form to this by using the prestigious black marble façade as a blackboard, to bring ideas about Leeds and activities in the city to the surface.
participants:Ben CainContributing one's own artwork
Cel CrabeelsContributing one's own artwork
Chris Dorley-BrownContributing one's own artwork , Inspiration/knowledge sharing
Christina Della GiustinaContributing one's own artwork
Danio ManContributing one's own artwork
Henry Moore FoundationCreating space , Financial support
  :. JaneProduction, Emotional support
  :. Robbert HopperDevelopment of artwork concept , Advice concerning content, Creating space
Hervé ParaponarisContributing one's own artwork , Inspiration/knowledge sharing , Graphic design
Joe WilliamsInspiration/knowledge sharing
Kevin LycettContributing one's own artwork , Website development
L.A. RaevenContributing one's own artwork , Graphic design
Laurence LennonInspiration/knowledge sharing
Leeds 13Contributing one's own artwork
Leeds Metropoliten University GalleryCreating space
  :. Moira InnesAdvice concerning content, Production
Lucas VerweijContributing one's own artwork , Inspiration/knowledge sharing
Marcia BrownContributing one's own artwork
Mark WebberContributing one's own artwork
Martin WainrightInspiration/knowledge sharing
Max VollmerContributing one's own artwork
Nasrin TabatabaiContributing one's own artwork
OtioseContributing one's own artwork
Raoul BunschotenContributing one's own artwork , Inspiration/knowledge sharing
Sarah SaundersContributing one's own artwork
Sheila GaffneyContributing one's own artwork
Sol b. RiverInspiration/knowledge sharing
Stevan VukovicContributing one's own artwork , Written or oral text contribution
Tina Have LauesenContributing one's own artwork
Tony GedgeInspiration/knowledge sharing
Watson & WakemanContributing one's own artwork , Production, Development of the artwork
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