Celebratory sharing of different realities by It's OK... Commoning Uncertainties.

Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Sep 2023

Celebratory sharing of different realities by It's OK... Commoning Uncertainties.
Closing event of an amazing 3 years. Thanks to all who contributed.

Tanaqush: The Chiselling of Collectivity by Isshaq Albarbary with Salim Bayri, Alina Jabbari, Ehsan Fardjadniya, Ola Hassanain, Hilda Moucharrafieh, Winston Nanlohy

Shadow(s) of Policy by Ola Hassanain: rituals as spacemaking together with Farouk, Teferi, Mohammed (hammo) en Sami from 'We Sell Reality' and Promissory Notes with Annette Krauss, Jota Mombaca en Clare Butcher, Eva Susova, Annelies Kamen, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Rajyashri Goody, Simnikiwe Buhlungu, Winnie Herbstein, Polina Medvedeva, Tessa Mars, Yun Choi en Lisette de Greeuw

No one will say my words for me, no one will do my job for me by Kateryna Filyuk with Maria Plotnikova, Boji Moroz, Dmytro Chepurnyi, Kateryna Aliinyk

Roots by Gijs Stork and Karolina Wargin with Frank Bruggeman, Margret Wibner, Michel Hamersma, Margarita Osipian & Ad de Jong, Diederik Six, Carin Rustema, Jennifer Tosch, Harold Schole, Koen, May Leegte Queer Currents by Alejandra Ortiz and Gijs Stork with Samira Damato, Nene Mone, Geke Lensink, Pia Vapeur & Yelena Myshko, Birds WG and queer sexworkers day by Queer Amsterdam and Red Light Arts and Culture with Peep Show Hoes, Odisea, Vincent and Maxima, Maryo, Reyer, the Honey Experience

Not in your box by LiL & Charlotte with Alejandra, Susanne, Angel, Melanie.

Calibrating intimacy by Joy Mariama Smith with Eroca Nicols, Philipp Hege, Mijke van der Drift & Jay Bernard, Justin F Kennedy, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Ciro Goudsmit, Laura Fernandez Antolin Alyssa Reiziger

State of the Arts by SNAP, (Degasten, Dipsaus & Metro54) with DJ LOVESUPREME, Sabrine Ingabire, Benzokarim, Rita Ouedraogo, Mathieu Charles, Aruna Vermeulen, x14, Quinsy Gario

Doubt by Ben Dragsra with Maria van Daalen, de Oudekerkgemeente, Essemie van Dunne, Madelinde Hageman & Narges Mohammadi, Kamel Essabane, We Sell Reality, Steun de stoners, Madelinde Hageman & Sabine Wassenberg

Binnenbuurt by Lennard Roubos with neighbors, expats, students, seniors, youth.

Wij Ouder Wij Wijzer by Gerbina van den Hurk and Wijouderwijwijzer
Stadharttop by Elena Wonder, de Boomspijker, I'ts OK... And de Waag with committed citizens

Thanks Yvonique Wellen, Oude Kerk Amsterdam team, Niklas Ehret, Viola Renate, Satja Jurc Blagovic, Jeanneworks Studio team, the Shadow of the Moon

photo's by Maarten Nauw

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