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I + the Other. Art and the Human Condition

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, 1994
exhibtion view
exhibtion view
Duration: 06.1994 - 08.1994
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Participants: 111
Visitors: 22,000
Number of Events: 12
Additional Presentations: n.a.

'Ik + de Ander. Art and the Human Condition' ('I + the Other: Art and the Human Condition') was an exhibition in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam from June until August 1994. The premise was a context that was not strictly defined by art. The exhibition was to be the result of a co-operation between two institutions that, in a manner of speaking, were unaware of each other's existence: the institution of art (the artists and the exhibition makers) and the Red Cross. With this project, writer, curator and activist Ine Gevers and Van Heeswijk wanted to create a context in which the different positions and discourses would enter into dialogue with one another. The exhibition was based on the following question: 'What is the state of human dignity and humanity in a time dominated by violence, intolerance, xenophobia, and even genetic manipulation?' Work by thirty national and international artists and visual and archive material from the Red Cross and the media offered an overview of different ideas and visions on this issue.

The exhibition was structured as a narrative. The first part of the show presented notions such as otherness, difference, distance, intimacy and alienation, which were connected with one another, while subverting notions like unity and universality by using works that showed the complex division between power and powerlessness upon which politics, economics and ideologies are based. In the second section, artists such as Christine Borland, Cindy Sherman and Adrian Piper addressed the possibility and impossibility of representing the Other in a language that, a priori, excludes alterity. Notions such as closeness and intimacy, which were to be experienced in the work, were investigated by artists like Michel Francois and Frank Mandersloot, and questioned by Mona Hatoum and Sadie Benning. The exhibition ended by triggering the notion of alienation at the complex level of the image, the sign and the recipient. The work of Andreas Serrano, certainly in combination with the Nintendo games, or that of Marina Griznic, Andrea Fisher and Martin Lucas placed in physical opposition to the large billboards posters advertising Benneton and the Dutch daily Trouw, brought to the forefront the omnipresent confusion that results from the contemporary manipulation/conceptualisation of any image and/or sign for one's own benefit, whether we speak of corporations, politics, the media, or individuals. The exhibition was accompanied by the catalogue Ik + de Ander, which was styled as a magazine, and followed by the book Beyond Ethics and Aesthetics, published in 1997, which examines the issues in greater detail.
related project:
Beyond ethics & aestheticsparticipants:Adrian PiperContributing one's own artwork
Aernout MikContributing one's own artwork
Andrea FisherWritten or oral text contribution , Advice concerning content
Andres SerranoContributing one's own artwork
ArtimoAdvice concerning content, Financial support, Production
  :. Anne-Marie NussProduction
  :. Ellen ReuverCommunication
  :. Gijs StorkAdvice concerning content, Educational support, Production
  :. Hester Alberdingk ThijmProduction, Written or oral text contribution
  :. Karen BuschmanCommunication
  :. Marja SteemanProduction
  :. Titus BovenbergCommunication, Production
  :. Wim van SpanjeProduction
Bas CzerwinskiContributing one's own artwork
Bill ViolaContributing one's own artwork
Boyan StojanovitzContributing one's own artwork
Chris DerconAdvice concerning content
Chris MarkerContributing one's own artwork
Christine BorlandContributing one's own artwork
Cindy ShermanContributing one's own artwork
Clegg & GuttmannContributing one's own artwork
Cor BlokWritten or oral text contribution
Corrie BaasWritten or oral text contribution
Craig BellContributing one's own artwork
Daniel KoningWritten or oral text contribution
David WojnarowiczContributing one's own artwork
Derek JarmanContributing one's own artwork
Din PietersAdvice concerning content
Dirk BuwaldaContributing one's own artwork
Engin CelikbasTranslation
Eugenio DittbornContributing one's own artwork
Frank ManderslootContributing one's own artwork
Frits van der VenWritten or oral text contribution
Gosse van der LeyTranslation
GWL StorkWritten or oral text contribution
Hans AarsmanContributing one's own artwork
Hans GoedkoopWritten or oral text contribution
Hans van HowelingenWritten or oral text contribution
Henkes SenefelderTechnical realisation
Henry DunantContributing one's own artwork , Inspiration/knowledge sharing
Ian KerkhofContributing one's own artwork
Ine GeversDevelopment of artwork concept , Development of the artwork , Written or oral text contribution
Ineke van der BurgTranslation
Inez van LamsweerdeContributing one's own artwork
Ivan WolffersWritten or oral text contribution
Jan Jaap OmvleeTranslation
Jan MulderWritten or oral text contribution
Jan van der PavertDevelopment of the artwork , Contributing one's own artwork , Spatial design
  :. Birgit ScheulenSpatial design
  :. Peter DautzenbergSpatial design
Jeff WallContributing one's own artwork
Jeroen van InkelWritten or oral text contribution
Jessica MesmanWritten or oral text contribution
John AhearnContributing one's own artwork
Joke RobaardContributing one's own artwork
Jouke KleerebezemContributing one's own artwork
K. HubrechtAdvice concerning content
Karin ArinkContributing one's own artwork
Karin JungerContributing one's own artwork
Karin PastoorWritten or oral text contribution
Karin SpainkWritten or oral text contribution
Koningin BeatrixWritten or oral text contribution
Lawrence WeinerContributing one's own artwork
Luuk WilmeringWritten or oral text contribution
M. ReutenAdvice concerning content
Mare van der VeldeAdvice concerning content
Marianne BrouwerAdvice concerning content
Marijke van WarmerdamContributing one's own artwork
Marina Griznic & Aina SmidContributing one's own artwork
Marlene DumasContributing one's own artwork
Martin LucasContributing one's own artwork , Written or oral text contribution
Martin NiallTranslation
Martin RoemersContributing one's own artwork
Martin ZetContributing one's own artwork
Michael HanekeContributing one's own artwork
Michel FrançoisContributing one's own artwork
Mona HatoumContributing one's own artwork
Nancy SperoContributing one's own artwork
Nelson MandelaWritten or oral text contribution
Ole BoumanWritten or oral text contribution
Paul de LeeuwWritten or oral text contribution
Paul SermonContributing one's own artwork
Prof CrouwelAdvice concerning content
R. SmitAdvice concerning content
Renée van de VallWritten or oral text contribution
Rode KruisReporting in image
  :. Cornelio SommarugaWritten or oral text contribution
  :. Hanneke van SambeekEducational support, Communication
  :. Lizzy van Lawick van PabstEducational support
  :. Marienke ScholtesEducational support, Communication
  :. Pauline Beelaerts van BloklandAdvice concerning content, Advice concerning content
  :. Pauline GreuellEducational support, Communication
  :. Tjitske BogstraAdvice concerning content
Roelof MulderGraphic design, Advice concerning content
  :. Alex ScholingGraphic design
  :. Hester VlamingsGraphic design
  :. Maarten de ReusGraphic design
  :. Margo VlamingsGraphic design
Rosi BraidottiWritten or oral text contribution
Ross McElweeContributing one's own artwork
Roy VillevoyeContributing one's own artwork
Ruud GullitWritten or oral text contribution
Sadie BenningContributing one's own artwork
Saskia BosAdvice concerning content
Shelly RamautarWritten or oral text contribution
Spike LeeContributing one's own artwork
Tiong AngContributing one's own artwork
Tynke van SchaikEducational support
Ursela van RielCommunication
Vera IllesWritten or oral text contribution , Advice concerning content
Willem PijffersWritten or oral text contribution
Wim SalkiContributing one's own artwork , Written or oral text contribution
Wouter van DierenWritten or oral text contribution
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